Raiders’ Reciever James Jones Fumbles The Ball Twice In The Most Derpy Play Of The Day


So much derp in this play from Raiders' receiver James Jones, who fumbled the ball on this ridiculous play the Texans.

High School Football

High School Football Team Wins on Improbable Fumble Return as Time Expires


Well, this is certainly a terrible way to lose a football game.


New England Patriots LB Brandon Spikes Debuts Incredible New Fumble Dance


If you needed any more visual confirmation that football celebrations have escalated to an unreasonable level, here’s what New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes did yesterday.


A Mississippi State Football Title Was Decided When a Fat Guy Hilariously Tried to Run With the Ball


If you’re a great big lineman, you know you’re supposed to fall on any fumble, but you also know that picking up the ball and running with it could be a shortcut to immortal glory.

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