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FSU’s Jameis Winston Lost Arm Wrestling Match to Small Man, Likely Staged

Why someone would stage this? I'm fucking clue free. No idea what might compel Jameis Winston and, according to the YouTube description, a "5'11 163 lb Jewish

FSU Players Played Hangman on the Sideline While Blowing Out Syracuse

How bored was Florida State while blowing out Syracuse 59-3? So bored that a bunch of FSU players started a game of hangman on the

Bro Asks Girls at Florida State Whether They Prefer Nice Guys or Assholes

Sorry, nice guys of the world, the consensus amongst most of Florida State's very attractive female population is heavily pro-Asshole. So if you want to

The ‘Fratty Flop’ at FSU Just Changed the Belly Flop Game Forever

I've got an unfortunate feeling that this will be mimicked and people will be badly injured. However, that still doesn't take away from the fucking


INSANE VIDEO: Jack Nicklaus’ Grandson and FSU Tight End, Nick O’Leary, Survives Motorcycle Crash

Two months ago, on May 2nd, Nick O'Leary -- FSU's starting tight end and grandson to golf god Jack Nicklaus -- got in one of

Sombrero-Wearing FSU Frat Bro Getting Jumped By Transvestites Is the Best Video Ever

Cinco De Mayo, Bro. The fight itself was shit, but this Frat Bro is off-the-charts. Total cliche of what everyone thought a Frat Bro was

Rabid Florida State Fan Has Tremendous Face-Painting Fail

Aww, bless her little simpleton heart. All she wanted to do was support the Seminoles without looking like a complete idiot. All she did was

I’m Shmacked x Florida State University

Fresh off a profile in the New York Times, the guys from I'm Shmacked headed down to Tallahassee experience GameDay weekend as the 'Noles took


Greg Reid Is the Second FSU Player in Trouble This Week

How hard is it to wear a f*ckin seatbelt the right way? Clearly the strategy of doing such should be added to Jimbo


After Being Pulled Over, FSU Defensive Back Tyler Hunter Suggests People Should Kill Cops on Twitter

There are a few things you shouldn't ever do publicly. Among those things is suggesting people kill cops. In case you'rewondering, other things include most