Chattanooga Bro Desperately Wants Someone To Play Frisbee With, No Jacking Off, Just Frisbee


This bro from Chattanooga REALLY loves him some frisbee, and desperately wants someone to play with.


This Cop Tried – And Failed – To Search This Guy’s Car Because He Claimed Having A Frisbee Proof He Smokes Weed


Police departments have been getting a bum rap in the media lately, and for good reason.

ultimate frisbee

Yea. Let’s Watch Some Sick Disc.


Here's some ill-ass frisbee tricks.

trick shots

Rate This Frisbee vs Basketball Trick Shot Video


It's been sorta a while since we've shown one of these, but someone Tweeted it to us and we thought it'd be kind to give it a larger audience.

trick shot videos

Finally, the Vinyl Record Frisbee Trick-Shot Video the World’s Been Waiting For


As old and worn out as trick-shot videos are, I have a huge amount of respect for these guys.

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