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Weezer’s Drummer, Patrick Wilson, Caught a Frisbee Thrown By a Fan Mid-Performance

No beats missed. Good job, good effort, Patrick Wilson.

Rate This Frisbee vs Basketball Trick Shot Video

It's been sorta a while since we've shown one of these, but someone Tweeted it to us and we thought it'd be kind

Finally, the Vinyl Record Frisbee Trick-Shot Video the World’s Been Waiting For

As old and worn out as trick-shot videos are, I have a huge amount of respect for these guys. First of all, they

Let’s Watch the Greatest Frisbee Throw and Catch Ever in the History of the World

Well, Brodie Smith, you did it. Your frisbee horse-and-pony show managed to finally impress the sh*t out of me. Look, part of me