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Sometimes All It Takes Is the Right Song to Escape the Friendzone….

Here is proof that sometimes you just need is the right song.

13 Reasons Having a Platonic Girl Best Friend Is Awesome

It's only called "the friendzone" if you want something to happen between you two.

New Research Suggests Friends With Benefits Relationships Don’t Ruin Friendships

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‘The Other Guy Code’ Breaks Down the Friend Zone

MTV2's Guy Code has hilariously broken down the "Friend Zone" in the past. The question is, what do some other types of guys think? How

Being Friend Zoned Sucks, Especially When It’s By Melanie Iglesias

Since I started working at BroBible over three years ago, we've told people how to get out of the friend zone at least 900 times.

A Short Video About the Dreaded Friendzone

Everyone knows a guy like this. Everyone.