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Why Opening That Bar with Your Friends Will Never Happen and Is a Terrible Idea

It’s the inevitable peak of drunk talk. A lull strikes your highly cerebral discussion on fantasy football and girl butt.

Hey, New York! Wade Needs New Friends to ‘Party, Puff Cheeb, GoT, EDM’ With

What else would you want in a friend?

A Group of Graduating UDel Seniors Recreated the ‘Friends’ Intro

Deep questions I ponder late at night: Why the hell are girls so obsessed with Friends?

The 10 Friends You’ll Have in Your Twenties

As you get older, you'll notice your pool of friends will decrease year-by-year, until one day the only people texting you are your wife and

‘Reich’ Is the Nazis-’Friends’ Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life

This really is something else.

7 Friends You Shouldn’t Feel Bad Dumping

We were going to say we were the flaky friends, but something came up and SHIT, we're sorry bro, can we make it up to

Bro Gets His Photo Snapped in the Act; Plus Bro Gets Caught Getting It On With Buddy’s Sister

Happy New Years. Let's make 2014 the BEST year of Hook-Up Heroes ever. Send those stories to me. Now. Or tomorrow after your hangover dissipates. 

This Video Demonstrating Eternal Dog Friendship Will Tear Your Heart To Pieces

This sucks. 

This Girl’s Reaction to Her Friends’ Engagements is Priceless

This girl gets it. This girl definitely gets it.

21 Signs You’re The Party Friend

No shame in having a good time. 

7 Signs Your Friends Are Losers

Presenting a litmus for knowing whether or not your friends are losers.  Heyyy! LIKE BroBible on Facebook here. 

A Few Elon Friends Created a Pretty Great Cover of the ‘Friends’ Intro

Reader David Gwynn passed along this shot-by-shot recreation of the Friends theme song, which must have taken a ridiculous amount of time to pull off for

‘Game of Thrones’ Cut as the ‘Friends’ Theme, Because Why Not

The world's most annoying theme, made somewhat better by gratuitous footage of Joffrey being slapped.

According to Some Batsh*t Crazy Internet Rumor, NBC Is Bringing ‘Friends’ Back

If you believe this.... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.* You're an idiot.

Best Man’s Speech Focuses Squarely on Groom’s Balls

I’m getting married in four short months. After that, my life, for all intents and purposes will be over. My only hope is that my