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5 Relationship Zones Worse than ‘the Friend Zone’

The friend zone is dreaded by many guys who can’t figure out why the person they’ve lavished attention doesn’t automatically […]

Security Camera Catches a Bro Getting Brutally Friend-Zoned By a Girl After a Date

Ouch. This is brutal to watch. This poor, poor man. He goes in for the kill and she straight up friend-zone denies him. There are

Bro Intentionally Gave The Clap to a Girl Who Wronged His Friend, Plus Who’s Up for Salad Tossin’?

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How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone Forever

Sup, Bros. This is episode two of That's What She Said with the lovely Jenn Bosworth from the Back9Network. This week's question comes from a Bro who

37 Examples of Dudes Stuck in the Friend Zone

The BroBible guide to getting out of the friendzone starts and stops with growing a pair. 

How to Translate a Text to Know If You’re In the Friend Zone

Dating is difficult, but it gets even harder when you develop feelings for someone close to you. You try to read signs or pick up

How To Tell If You’re Being Rejected

"Sorry, but I've got this thing..." Doesn't the friend zone suck, Bros? 

College Bro Asks ‘What Are Signs You Are in the Friend Zone?’ Sage Advice Explodes Off the Screen

Are you in the friend zone? Let's face it, if you even have to ask, you probably are. But maybe you can't tell. Maybe you

‘The Other Guy Code’ Breaks Down the Friend Zone

MTV2's Guy Code has hilariously broken down the "Friend Zone" in the past. The question is, what do some other types of guys think? How

Comedian Jason Horton Offers 5 Ways for Getting Out of the Friend Zone

Perhaps you're familiar with comedian Jason Horton. Perhaps you're not. He's the guy behind the now-inactive Two White Guys podcast and a super popular YouTube channel

How Can I Date the Girl I’m Best Friends With? Plus Does Our Babe Run a Phone Sex Line?

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Perfecting the Art of Playing Hard to Get (So You Can F*ck That Dime Piece in Kappa Already)

(Editor's Note: We found this in the Forums posted by The California Babe so we decided to feature it on the main site. This is

A Short Video About the Dreaded Friendzone

Everyone knows a guy like this. Everyone. 

Dom Mazzetti vs. The Friend Zone

This week Dom talks about the inescapable shell known as the friend zone. Check it!

How to Avoid the Dreaded Friend Zone

Ah, the friend zone. A wasteland of unresolved sexual tension. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. It sucks. So how do you avoid