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Rebecca Black Drops a Song Called ‘Saturday’ And It’s Truly The Worst Thing Ever

"Yesterday was Fri-day... Today is Sat-ur-day." -- Rebecca Black, "Saturday." SMH.

Sheeeeeeeeee's baccccccckkkkkkk! Two years after releasing the worst earworm of the YouTube era (...and achieving quite a

Twins Pull Off Teleporting Prank, Look Similar

The premise of this prank is that identical twins look identical. It’s high-minded because they have British accents.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Sausgage Party’ Is Like Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ For Grown Men

This is eerily similar to Friday  -- it even has the rapper from Rebecca Black's video -- only difference is this is intentionally terrible.

Ottawa Senators Fan Has Too Much Fun Fun Fun Doing Dance Routine to Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

This past Friday, an Ottawa Senators' fan discovered the worst song in human history a.k.a Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Dom Mazzetti Reacts to Rebecca Black’s Friday

Dom Mazzetti finally got around to watching the worst song in the world. You know, the one that

The Worst Song in the World Finally Gets Mashed-Up with Ice Cube’s ‘Friday’

Remember Rebecca Black’s FUN FUN FUN song, "Friday," also known as the absolute worst song ever