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Every Bro Needs To Watch Amy Schumer’s Perfect ‘Friday Night Lights’ Spoof


Last night a new season of Amy Schumer's Comedy Central show debuted.

friday night lights super bowl

Aziz Ansari Rewrote the Super Bowl as a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Episode, Magic Ensued


It was an increasingly uninteresting Super Bowl, and the wings never fucking showed up at the party I attended, so I spent a good portion of the second half staring at my Twitter feed.


Sorry I’m Not Sorry I Played Football in High School


Occasionally I’ll read Esquire, because I’m VERY cultured and, unlike The New Yorker, it has boobies.

Veronica Mars

11 TV characters who flagrantly violated the ‘Bro Code’


One of the fundamental tenets of the Bro Code is Thou Shalt Not Go After A Bro’s Ex-Girlfriend.


A Supercut of Every Tami Taylor ‘Y’all’ From ‘Friday Night Lights’


This morning AG told you about 'Friday Night Lights' Emmy nomination for Best Drama.

Friday Night Lights

‘Friday Night Lights’ Finally Nominated for Best Drama Series Emmy


On the day that a "Friday Night Lights" marathon is set to begin on ESPN Classic (beginning at 7 p.


VIDEO: “All the Y’alls from Tami Taylor”, a Guyism Original supercut


Guy favorite show "Friday Night Lights" ends its run on TV this Friday with a series finale airing on NBC.

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