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Aziz Ansari Rewrote the Super Bowl as a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Episode, Magic Ensued

It was an increasingly uninteresting Super Bowl, and the wings never fucking showed up at the party I attended, so I spent a good portion

There Was a Mini-‘Friday Night Lights’ Reunion and We Weren’t Invited

"Hey, HEY. C'mere. C'MERE. Now let me tell you sumthin'. You know what this is? You know what this is right here? This is a

Gridiron Goons: 21-Year-Old Poses as a High School Senior So He Can Play on the Football Team

Seventeen year old Javier Jones of Michigan's Mt. Pleasant HIgh was just like every other senior, trying to live our their dreams of gridiron glory

Sorry I’m Not Sorry I Played Football in High School

Occasionally I’ll read Esquire, because I’m VERY cultured and, unlike The New Yorker, it has boobies. Yesterday, I finally got around to an article by

A Supercut of Every Tami Taylor ‘Y’all’ From ‘Friday Night Lights’

This morning AG told you about 'Friday Night Lights' Emmy nomination for Best Drama. Tomorrow night the series will call it a quites on NBC.

‘Friday Night Lights’ Finally Nominated for Best Drama Series Emmy

On the day that a "Friday Night Lights" marathon is set to begin on ESPN Classic (beginning at 7 p.m. with the pilot, set your