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The 40 Phrases That Define Your Freshman Year Of College

Freshman year is here.

The 8 Things You Really Learn Your Freshman and Sophomore Years of College

The first few years of college really can be just a huge drunken blur. College has not truly kicked it just yet and you took

The 15 People You’ll Meet in Your Freshman Dorm

When you first step foot in a freshman's dorm room, you stereotype. You make snap judgements based off your dormmate's appearance, his relative cleanliness, and

25 Things on Every College Freshman’s Bucket List

Don't go to college and waste your time. Make something happen.

5 Things We Learned Today About College Freshman

Once upon a time, I was a college freshman. Once upon a time, you were a college freshman. Hey, maybe you are a college freshman.  If you

The Cast of Characters That Make Up the ‘Freshman Herd’

Freshman Herd (n): A group of 15-25 first year students who probably won’t end up liking each other, but band together solely because they’re terrified