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10 Rookie Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

#11: Rocking the lanyard from freshman move-in ALL. YEAR. LONG.

7 Things to Not Bring to Your Dorm Freshman Year

Don't make rookie mistakes, even though you are a rookie.

39 Crucial Pieces Of Advice For College Freshmen

1. Don’t go to college with expectations of what “college” is supposed to be. College is what you make it

9 Tips for Attending Your First College Party

It’s that time again! Parents carrying boxes of who-dads and knick-knacks up into their precious Billy’s dorm room! The faint taste of autumn creeping wistfully

10 Things Freshman Guys Shouldn’t Say to Upperclassmen Chicks

Poaching a cougar is one of the more difficult and more delicate pursuits a young man can undertake, and that is why all bros should

10 Things that Will End Up In Every Freshman Dorm

I can almost guarantee you that these ten things end up in your dorm whether you plan it or not.

Getting Through Those Few Awkward Hours of Your Parents Moving You Into College

The drive up to school is excruciating. It might be your mom insisting you find a church immediately and hang up the rosary Grandma made

How To Know If Your Roommate Sucks, Freshman Year Edition

So you’re a freshman and you’re just about to start college. Hell to the fucking yeah. We will cheers to that! College is literally the

The 15 People You’ll Meet in Your Freshman Dorm

When you first step foot in a freshman's dorm room, you stereotype. You make snap judgements based off your dormmate's appearance, his relative cleanliness, and

The 10 Things You’ll Never Do Your Freshman Year Of College

Oh, your senior year of high school. The beginning of the end. As you move (or moved) onto your journey into

A Letter From Your Freshman Dorm Room

Dearest Former Occupant,

5 Constant Struggles of a Young College Bro

Everyone has struggles, whether it’s paying rent or getting out of bed in the morning. Young college Bros are no different. However, there are five

How to Survive Your First Year of College

Surprisingly, the key to making it to your sophomore years isn't spending your frosh days doing a lot of drugs, having loads of unprotected sex,

5 Things We Learned Today About College Freshman

Once upon a time, I was a college freshman. Once upon a time, you were a college freshman. Hey, maybe you are a college freshman.  If you

Freshman Year Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Greetings, recent high school grad.  And congratulations; you’ve made it through study halls, curfews, sober dances and losing your virginity to Justin Bieber. It’s been

An Open Letter to My Freshman Self

Hey there. Nice Christian Audiger t-shirt. It complements your fauxhawk nicely. Real timeless look you got there. I know you were the man in high

Dom Mazzetti vs. Freshmen

It has been a few weeks but Mike and Gian are back with their latest Dom Mazzetti video. And yes, this time Dom's gone to