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French Forbid Any Miley Cyrus on TV Before 10PM

The French have had just about enough of Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears on TV.

This French Woman Has No Idea Who Kanye West Is and It’s Great

After last week's meltdown, here's a pretty incredible moment of humility for Kanye West on the streets of Paris. Kanye -- wearing a tie-dye worthy

French Comedian Remi Galliard Has a Sweet Soccer Trick Shot Video

Remi Galliard is a French comedian who lost his job and now makes his living posting viral videos to YouTube. Good work if you can

‘Skyliner Paris,’ a Documentary About French Urban Highliners, Looks Unreal

We've told you about highliners, the adrenaline junkies who afix ropes across canyons and/or buildings before crossing, in the past. Yesterday the trailer dropped for