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13-Year-Old Russian Girl Can Bench Press 198 lbs

Does anyone in Russia suffer from low-T? From all the Internet coverage Russia gets, the place appears to be brimming with testosterone. Everyday a new

Meet the Man With the World’s Stretchiest Skin, Ugliest Face

Great, he can stretch his skin like no other but GOOD GRAVY is this dude hard to look at. I just tried to imagine myself

Swallowing a Fish is All Fun and Games Until it Starts Living in Your Lung

Whoa, this is extraordinarily unsettling. A 12-year-old Indian boy went swimming and ended up with a fish living in his lung as a souvenir. GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Watch Man With Half a Head Deliver Anti-Drug PSA While Smoking Blunt

Well, this is a mixed bag right here. We commend the infamous Man With Half a Head for telling the world not to