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Jim Mora Jr. Walked Out on Reporters After Someone Answered a Cell Phone

This will make you cringe.

Girl in Racecar Freaks Out Because It’s Going Too Fast

We’re pretty sure this woman named Kara enjoyed her ride-along in an autocross car. We just think she has a weird way of showing it.

This Video of a 30-Year-Old Wife Crying Like a Baby Is Reason Enough to Never Get Married

All she wanted was a day on the lake, James. Yeah... Never getting married.  This husband has things to do on Saturday, like get his tires

College Kid Goes NUTS Over Roommate Drinking His Cup of Coffee, Sparking Legendary Rant

How incredible is this rant? It starts with "I JUST want to talk to you, you WORTHLESS piece of shit!" and the opening line is,

VIDEO: KFC Worker Loses His Cool While on the Clock

Want to see a must-watch video of a  KFC worker in India freaking out on a customer? Well here you go...