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College Bro Smokes Marijuana Dabs For The First Time, Freaks Out, Thinks He’s Completely Frozen

Stick to the dank nugs, Bro.

I Can’t Stop Watching This GameStop Employee Freak the F*ck Out

Absolutely hilarious. As an adult video gamer, I feel this guy's pain. Every time I walk into GameStop I get freaked out by the psychotic children

Former Penn State Professor Drops Pants, Wipes Butt In Public at Panera Bread

Interesting report from Penn State's Panera Bread on Allen Street, Tweeted to us by a reader. A former Penn State professor allegedly dropped his pants

Dude FREAKS OUT While Watching Trees Fall in His Yard During Hurricane Sandy

So much freaking out going on here. Then again, two trees just fell in a matter of seconds on the dude's front lawn. Can't blame

Girl Has Scary Freak Out In FAU Evolution Class

Earlier today a tipster told us about a very scary, tense, and seemingly serious situation in an Evolution class at Florida Atlantic University.

Start Your Day with This Epic Duke Buzzer Beater Freak Out

In case you missed it. Writes a tipster, "Socially awkward housemate, Ross of Earth, freaks out after the UNC-Duke game... says Austin Rivers

Watch This Ravens Fan Freak Out As Billy Cundiff Shanks Tying Field Goal

NFL fan freak out of the year. This dude has every right to freak out at how the Ravens butchered plenty of opportunities

Marcos Baghdatis Breaks Four Tennis Racquets in a Row at Australian Open

When's the last time you got angry and smashed everything you could get your rage-driven hands on? For Marcos Baghdatis, it's last night.

Watch a Die-Hard Kid Penguins Fan Cry Because His Parents Cheer for the Detroit Red Wings

This poor little guy is having a rough week. It probably sucks enough for him to have his team's darling, Sidney Crosby, out

Brown University Computer Science Major Freaks the F-Out Over Christmas Music During Finals

Things can get pretty stressful on a college campus during finals. But, when it's all over you get to sleep until 1 P.M.

Watch a Girl Freak Out in the Cal State Northridge Library During Finals Week

Being in my mid-twenties and in the full-time workforce for a few years now, every day I wish I was still in college.

Watch a Fat, Smug Lady Driving a Prius Yell Self-Righteously at a Dude Driving a Truck

Wow, this lady's freakout is almost straight from the infamous South Park "Smug Alert" episode a few years back. This is America, damnit.

Watch A Lingerie Football League Coach Freak the F-Out In the Locker Room

Minnesota Valkyrie offensive coordinator Tony Nguyen takes Lingerie Football very, very seriously. And why shouldn't he? It's his job. And here's proof. 

This is One Reporter You Don’t Heckle

If the internet has supplied us with one great thing over the years, it's got to be adult entertainment. Hands down, no contest. However, if

Here’s a Lady Screaming at an MTA Bus Driver

After being reprimanded for playing music on the speakers of her phone, this women had a few choice words for the driver of the B62

White Trash Grandpa Freaks Out Over Pecan Pinwheel Snacks

Judging this is from a YouTube account called, "The Angry Grandpa Show," we're willing to bet the farm this grandfather's childish, profanity-filled rant about pecan