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‘Total Frat Cat’ Is a Frattiest Cat On Instagram

Did you ever wonder what it’d be like if your cat was a Sperry-wearing, Natty-pounding¬†fratdaddy¬†fratstar? If you answered “yes” to […]

The 5 Frattest N64 Characters

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from. If you didn’t grow up playing the 64, then you should have been relocated

Snapchat’s Founding Bros Were Frat as F*ck

Once upon a time, about two years ago, Snapchat was just a lowly start-up, the dream of a few hard-hustling, innovative Stanford Bros, all members

Apparently It’s Cool to Be ‘Frat’ In High School These Days?

Want to know what the biggest new "trend" in high school is these days? Apparently it's being "frat" or "fratty" before even being in college.

The Frat Tree of Life: A Tree of Life Parody/Spoof

Our blogosphere buddies at Total Frat Move recent dropped a pitch-perfect spoof trailer called "The Frat Tree of Life." It's a very fratty

Video: College Girl Sings an Open Letter to all Frat Boys

A friend of site just sent this to me. It is a few weeks old, but it has so few views that we believe it