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Is This Appalachian State Chubbies Ambassador Is a Huge Bro or a Fratty Try-Hard?

What do you think, bros? Mad chill? Or mad weak?

Why America’s Founding Fathers Were the World’s First Frat Stars

Tell me you can't picture Ben Franklin chillin' at a Government Mule concert, smokin' a bowl and crushing pint after pint of Victory Summer Love

Toolbag High School Senior Says He’s Going to Be the Biggest Fratstar at WVU and Steal the Quarterback’s Girlfriend

High school kids really think they're the beeknees, ah? Take, for example, this over-privileged douche who's probably only lived on Mommy and Daddys dime his

Frat Bros Give the Greatest Answer Ever to Why They Were Driving Around With Open Containers

This news report from South Carolina is the most Bro-tastic thing you’ll see today. [H/T: Reddit]

‘Total Frat Cat’ Is a Frattiest Cat On Instagram

Did you ever wonder what it’d be like if your cat was a Sperry-wearing, Natty-pounding¬†fratdaddy¬†fratstar? If you answered “yes” to […]

The Very Best of the ‘Frat Bro Dan’ Meme

Every once and a while, we come across a hidden gem that we think more people need to be made aware of. In our latest

How Comically BAD Is This Frat Star Rap?

This just came over the wire and WOW is it awful. In fact, it's so bad, we're posting it just to mock it

The Frat Tree of Life: A Tree of Life Parody/Spoof

Our blogosphere buddies at Total Frat Move recent dropped a pitch-perfect spoof trailer called "The Frat Tree of Life." It's a very fratty