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Was Your 4th of July As Badass as This USC Frat Party?

What did you do for 4th of July, Bros?

Frat Bros are Apparently Tagging Dead Whales Now

Seems fishy.

USC’s AEPi Fraternity Threw a Paint Party Rave and Every Hot Girl In SoCal Showed Up

Have to love a fraternity party where girls show up wearing "Sorry Mom" rage hats.

Fraternity Suspended After Member Affected By Hazing Commits Suicide

PSU Altoona freshman Marquise Braham jumped off the roof of the Marriott Long Island Hotel on Friday night.

Get a Load of this Frat Brawl at West Virginia Between Pike, TKE and Sig Chi (UPDATE)

These dudes frat like no one has ever fratted before.

Utah Fraternity Bros Make Epic ‘How To Change Fraternities Forever’ Recruitment Video

Tis the season for fraternity and sorority recruitment videos. The Phi Delta Theta brothers at the University of Utah made this recruitment video to ramp up pledging.

JMU’s Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Makes a Magnificent Spring Rush Video

Slow clap for a job well done by the TKE brothers at James Madison University. In order to drum up recruits for Spring 2014 rush,

ASU’s Tau Kappa Epsilon Suspended for Throwing Racist ‘MLK Black Party’

Well, you can't possibley get more racist (or stupid) than this. Arizona State University's Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity has been suspended for throwing what they called

USC Frat Throws ‘Fratlantis’ Party With No Shortage of Hot Girls or Grinding

We're not certain if USC's Sigma Nu is a top tier fraternity, but we are certain that Fratlantis is still one of the best names and themes going

Bloomberg Op-Ed Asks Colleges To ‘Abolish Fraternities’—Should We?

Today's "hot take" on fraternity culture comes from the Bloomberg News editorial board, who penned a feisty op-ed titled "Abolish Fraternities." The editorial asks "How do

Bucknell Frat Bros Make Awesomely Bad ‘Throw Your Sig Ep Nuts in the Air’ Rap Song

This amazing story about a bunch of Bucknell Sig Eps just came over the BroBible tip line. A couple years ago a bunch of Sig Eps at Bucknell

The PIKE Fraternity House At the University of Arkansas Is Going to Have a $6.9 Million Renovation

Based off the mock-ups, I can't tell if the University of Arkansas' new $6.9 million PIKE house is a fraternity house or, say, the mock

6 More of the Best Fraternity Parties In the Country

A few weeks ago we presented our first ever ranking of the 20 best fraternity parties in the United States. Our list was compiled from hundreds

College Girl Dresses Up Like a Frat Bro and Tries to Rush a Fraternity

The ying-to-the-yang of /whatever's opposite gender Greek Life trolling video, this time featuring a girl dressing up like a Bro attempting to rush the school's fraternities.

Inside a Rhode Island Fraternity’s New, $2.5 Million Frat Castle

Dang, Sigma Chi's new house at URI is going to be sick.

Fraternity Alum at Wabash College Furious After Losing Homecoming, Unleash Tyrannical Facebook Rant

As a tipster tells us, winning homecoming is a very big deal to the Phi Psi's at Indiana's Wabash College. Homecoming 2013 was this past week,

An Interview with the Founder of Alpha Lambda Mu, America’s First Muslim Fraternity

College fraternities tend fit a very static mold in the public's imagination. Agree or disagree, there's merit to the “Animal House” stereotype of overwhelmingly white,

University of Michigan Bros Want to Know Where the Freshman Girls Are At

This one goes out to all the college Bros digging in for their first semester. Your life will never get any better than it is

The 20 Best Fraternity Parties in America

Over the past few weeks we've been asking our readers to submit compelling evidence about the best fraternity party in the United States. We heard

Johnny Manziel Spotted In a Tebow Jersey at a University of Texas Frat Party

Ah. Another day in the life of Johnny Footroll. This afternoon the University of Texas' Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) chapter is throwing its annual Fiji

Today In Terrible Fraternity News…

Bad news at UVA and the University of Arizona... 

What We Say to Cops, and What We Really Mean

To throw a killer rager, you’ve got to know how to handle the fuzz. What we say doesn’t actually match what we mean.

Campus Security Drops Hilarious First Episode ‘Segway Saturday (Part 1)’

Over the past three weeks, we have released a series of "Short Shorts" by the guys behind the satirical web series Campus Security. Well the

Wall Street Journal Columnist Hates Frat Bros

Have frat boys finally jumped the pop culture shark? Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang thinks so and our Bros at TFM just totally owned

Road Trip Raging: An Excerpt from ‘Total Frat Move: The Book’

Last week, our Bros over at Total Frat Move released their first book, Total Frat Move: The Book, by W.R. Bolen. Find it in a bookstore

Sorostitute Stories: An Excerpt from ‘Total Frat Move: The Book’

Today our Bros over at Total Frat Move released their first book, Total Frat Move: The Book, by W.R. Bolen. Find it in a bookstore near

The 10 Types of Frat Bros You’ll Meet (and Possibly Become) in College

Despite what practically every college movie ever produced would like you to think, there isn’t just a single breed of Fraternity fellows. There's a robust

The Very Best of the ‘Frat Bro Dan’ Meme

Every once and a while, we come across a hidden gem that we think more people need to be made aware of. In our latest

What’ll It Be? A Bro’s Guide to Choosing the Right Drink

So go the first three words out of the barkeep’s mouth when you plop down in your favorite seat at ye’ ole’ neighborhood watering hole.

How Comically BAD Is This Frat Star Rap?

This just came over the wire and WOW is it awful. In fact, it's so bad, we're posting it just to mock it

Freshman at Princeton University Now Face Suspension for Pledging a Fraternity or Sorority

Bad news for incoming first-year students who want to pledge a fraternity at Princeton University: Starting next fall, the Ivy Leage school will implement a

In Which a Penn State SigEp Cordially Invites Kate Upton to His Spring Formal via YouTube

Since Kate Upton is the most viral lady on the planet, it was only time before someone asked her to something via a YouTube invite.