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Wake Forest Sigma Chi’s Audio Invitation to Sororities for their Valentine’s Day Crush Party is AMAZINGLY BAD

This is one of the more remarkable things I’ve seen on the Internet today. Wake Forest Sigma Chi’s are throwing […]

College Bro of the Year Accused of Peeing on Cop’s Head

  Cancel your best frat stories of 2014 lists, because Noah McCall has already secured first place. Allegedly. And what […]

WVU Fraternity Suspended Over Hazing Allegations

A West Virginia University fraternity has been suspended after a pledge received a concussion during an alleged hazing incident. 

Frat Bro’s Epic Flag Football Speech Is Even More Epic with the ‘Any Given Sunday’ Music

Finally, the mash-up the Internet deserves. That Drexel frat Bro's flag football pump-up speech finally got spliced with the music from Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday talk. The result

The 20 Best Fraternity Parties in America

Over the past few weeks we've been asking our readers to submit compelling evidence about the best fraternity party in the United States. We heard

UC Irvine Fraternity Lambda Theta Delta Catching Sh*t for Making Video Featuring a Dude in Blackface

Lesson of the day: People will never fucking learn, thus making this a useless lesson. 

We’ve Got Beef, Bro: 8 Ways to Prank a Fraternity You Are Beefing With

Fraternities are notorious for having beef with each other and while we encourage keeping things civil, we see no harm in Frat on Frat prank

LAST CHANCE: Nominate Your Frat Castle for Our Ranking of ‘The Best Fraternity Houses in the U.S.’

This week is your last chance to nominate your fraternity house for our ranking of the biggest and baddest fraternity houses in the country! Details

Sigma Chi at the University of Kansas Catches on Fire; Frat Plays Fire-Themed Songs Afterwards

Be careful out there, college Bros, and remember to check your smoke detectors during move in.

Bros in Transylvania University’s Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Have a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video

Oh, Carly Rae Jepsen. You're bubbly voice and catchy tune has just captured America, hasn't it? Turning otherwise straight men into fancy free

Watch Todd Phillips’ Unaired 1998 Documentary ‘Frat House’

Todd Phillips' and and Andrew Gurland's controversial 1998 documentary, "Frat House," recently popped up online in full, which once earned the dubious distinction as “the

Aaron Rodgers and Graham Harrell Join Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Most NFL QBs spend their NFL playoff bye week chilling out, prepping for the big game. Aaron Rodgers and Graham Harrell, however, spent their joining

Here’s Erin Andrews Visiting SAE at WVU This Past Weekend

For the permanent record's sake, let's all listen to EA showing all kinds of love for SAE at WVU. All class, all around.

Fraternity Glory Days, Part II: The Top Three Celebrity Frat Stars from 27 Fraternities

Editors Note: Back in late October, The PledgeMaster from Pledging Sucks debuted a list of the The Top Three Celebrities of 12 Big Fraternity Houses.

Fraternity Glory Days: The Top Three Celebrities of 12 Big Fraternity Houses

Editors Note: This piece is brought to us by Pledging Sucks and was written by the site's sorcerer, The PledgeMaster. Yes, he's a frat Bro; no,