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MIT Engineering Bro Shows Us How to Build an Awesome DIY Bar for Your Fraternity

Back in September an incredible dunk-proof beer pong table for MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon. The project was designed by a mechanical engineer Bro who's making a name for himself

Inside ANOTHER Multi-Million Dollar Srat Castle, This Time at Florida State

Today in MORE news about multi-million dollar Greek Life houses.... 

SAE At Indiana University Is Opening a $4.5 Million Frat Castle

The fraternity house arms race is offically on. WHO CAN BUILD THE FIRST $10 MILLION FRAT CASTLE?!?!?!?! 

Theta Chi At UF Opens New $4.3 Million House

Holy Frat Castle, you guys... 

The 20 Best Fraternity Parties in America

Over the past few weeks we've been asking our readers to submit compelling evidence about the best fraternity party in the United States. We heard

WOW, Sigma Nu’s House at the University of Oklahoma Is Going to Be Insane

Holy cow. Our Bros at TFM just landed an architectural mock-up of Sigma Nu's new fraternity house at the University of Oklahoma. This frat castle

UMD Frat Trashes House, Recieve ‘Awesome’ E-Mail from Landlord That’s Actually Pretty Boring

No one can deny that the Greek system at the University of Maryland won the Spring 2013 semester with their barrage of kick-ass viral e-mails.

Inside Virginia Tech’s New $5 Million Frat Castle

Sig Ep's new house at Virginia Tech is absolutely ridiculous. Like, $5 million ridiculous. Let's take a tour... 

South Carolina Student on Local News Broadcast: Duplex Fire ‘Not Frat at All’

Sporting a bath robe and an attitude that can best be described as Jeff Spicoli meets Frank the Tank at his most enthusiastic, South Carolina