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FIJI Fraternity Suspended at Texas Tech For Taking Nude Pictures

Sadly, this story is probably going to repeat itself at least 10 times this year.

Delta Tau Delta At Mizzou Was Accused Of Sexual Harassment…Over A Dancing Teletubby

Teletubbies = Sex?

Freshman Girl Suffers a Gruesome Injury Involving a Golf Club at an Arkansas State Fraternity Party

This is a lousy way way to start the school year at Arkansas State.

Cal Poly Frat Bro Gives Shirtless Interview About Being Held at Gunpoint

Not wearing a shirt is #FaF.

A Timeline of Living In a Frat House

There is no better decision you can make in a college career that will top putting your John Hancock on your respective fraternity house lease.

Georgia Tech SigEps Make Fratty Rush Video About How Frat Their Frat Is

Reminder to e-mail your sorority/fraternity rush videos to BroBible via BroBible's Tip Off the Editor's page.

Was Your 4th of July As Badass as This USC Frat Party?

What did you do for 4th of July, Bros?

This Fraternity Hazing Ritual Is Being Blamed For The Death Of A Pi Kappa Phi Pledge At California State

Another day, another story of hazing gone wrong.

Study Says College Graduates Who Were In Frats Are Happier Than Those Who Weren’t

This is not-news to most people involved in Greek Life.

University of Tennessee Suspends Fraternity, Because Pouring Hot Sauce on Pledges’ Genitals Is Kind Of Fucked Up

If you thought fraternities at the University of Tennessee couldn't out do butt chugging you were wrong.

Read the Terrible Alleged Leaked Texts and E-mails from Frat Guys At American University

Another day, another scandal at a college after a fraternity's awful electronic communication via e-mail and text messages were "leaked" on an anonymous Tumblr page.

NYU Frat Bro Pays for Dues in Bitcoins

This. Is. NYU.

Toolbag High School Senior Says He’s Going to Be the Biggest Fratstar at WVU and Steal the Quarterback’s Girlfriend

High school kids really think they're the beeknees, ah? Take, for example, this over-privileged douche who's probably only lived on Mommy and Daddys dime his

This Frat Tank Top FAIL Has Me Cracking Up

When you see it...

Oh. The University of Alabama STILL Hates Black People


How Many USC Fraternity Rager Videos (Full of Hot Girls) Can We Post in a Single Day? You’re About to Find Out

More and more and more.

USC’s AEPi Fraternity Threw a Paint Party Rave and Every Hot Girl In SoCal Showed Up

Have to love a fraternity party where girls show up wearing "Sorry Mom" rage hats.

This Fraternity Spring Rush Video is Hilarious

Remember that hilarious AEPi rush video from the fall? Well the same dudes are back with an equally funny spring rush video.

Frat Bros Are Using a Secret-Sharing App to Confess Things They Would Never Tell Their Fraternity Brothers

If you're not familiar with the app Whisper, here's why you should be: Bros are dishing out their deepest fears, confessions, and insecurities on it

Maryland Fraternity and Sorority In Trouble For Throwing a ‘CMT vs BET’-Theme Party

Just a friendly reminder that if you're in a fraternity or sorority and thinking about throwing a party that's vaguely racist, you're almost certainly going

Frat Boy Eats a Live Crawlfish for $10

  Remember our boy Frat Boy Chet, the Bro who ate a live snail before vomitting it back up? Now […]

University of Akron Frat Suspended for Paddling Pledge Until His Butt Bled

In the annals of fraternity history, paddling is a hazing staple.

Ole Miss Is Still Racist as Hell, Fraternity Members Hang a Noose Around the Statue Of Civil Rights Hero

What is the hell is going on at Ole Miss? According to a number of separate reports, racist behavior is happening […]

The Key Takeaways From ‘Atlantic Magazine’s’ Year-Long Exposé on Fraternities

Caitlin Flanagan, of Atlantic Magazine, spent the past year researching fraternity life and Greek culture for a feature, “The Dark […]

Rather Than Calling an Ambulance, Fraternity Brothers Googled ‘Head Injury Symptoms’ While a Pledge Was Dying

Back in December, Baruch College student Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng died as a result of a Pi Delta Psi fraternity […]

Everyone at WVU Is Getting STDs, So They’re Putting Condom Dispensers In Frat Houses

The college kids running wild in Morgantown, West Virginia have a bit of a problem on their hands: STDs are becoming […]

Sig Ep at Arizona State Just Dropped the New Best Fraternity Rush Video You’ll Ever Watch

Big props to the Sig Ep brothers at Arizona State. They just dropped one of the craziest fraternity rush videos you’ll ever watch, […]

University of Michigan Frat Throws Ski Trip Banger at $6 Million Dollar Mansion

Goddamn. That’s how you ski trip. However, if we’re lead to believe the YouTube description, “No alcohol or illegal substance […]

Utah Fraternity Bros Make Epic ‘How To Change Fraternities Forever’ Recruitment Video

Tis the season for fraternity and sorority recruitment videos. The Phi Delta Theta brothers at the University of Utah made this recruitment video to ramp up pledging.

JMU’s Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Makes a Magnificent Spring Rush Video

Slow clap for a job well done by the TKE brothers at James Madison University. In order to drum up recruits for Spring 2014 rush,

ASU’s Tau Kappa Epsilon Suspended for Throwing Racist ‘MLK Black Party’

Well, you can't possibley get more racist (or stupid) than this. Arizona State University's Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity has been suspended for throwing what they called

MIT Engineering Bro Shows Us How to Build an Awesome DIY Bar for Your Fraternity

Back in September an incredible dunk-proof beer pong table for MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon. The project was designed by a mechanical engineer Bro who's making a name for himself

SUNY Fraternity Permanently Banned For Forcing Pledges to Rub Hot Sauce on Their Nutsacks

This week in terrible fraternity behavior: Zeta Alpha Phi at the State University of New York-Canton was slapped with a permanent ban for forcing pledges to

Bloomberg Op-Ed Asks Colleges To ‘Abolish Fraternities’—Should We?

Today's "hot take" on fraternity culture comes from the Bloomberg News editorial board, who penned a feisty op-ed titled "Abolish Fraternities." The editorial asks "How do

The 6 Worst Behaved Fraternities of the Past Few Years

If and when you join a fraternity, you’ll be lucky if the chapter you've chosen takes two things as seriously as their fraternal oaths: booze

SAE Fraternity Busted for Extreme Hazing Described as Like a ‘Tarantino Film’

Bloomberg's big SAE hazing exposé will ring familiar to anyone who's gone so far as to visit a college campus in the past 10 years. Or to anyone who

Stanford Kappa Sigma Bros Made a Ridiculous Fratty Version of ‘All I Want for Christmas’

This is how the Gentlemen of Stanford's Kappa Sigma chapter send holiday greetings. As long as Santa brings a rack of Natty Light, they're happy as can

Why You SHOULD Join a Fraternity or Sorority In College: A Rebuttal

Editor's Note: Yesterday we published a post titled "Why You Don’t Need to Join a Fraternity or Sorority to Have Fun In College." As a

Baruch College Fraternity Pledge Killed During Bizarre Ritual

19-year-old Baruch College freshman Chun Hsien Deng is dead after taking part in a hazing ritual called "Glass Ceiling" over the weekend. The game, which is played outside,

This University of Arkansas Frat Bros Spent Their Snow Day Making a Katy Perry ‘Roar’ Video

The Bros of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of Arkansas did not squander their time off from a recent snow storm. Or did they? I