University Of Michigan Fraternity Damage To Ski Resort Now Estimated To Be $430K

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Back in January we reported about the damage that some University of Michigan fraternities and sororities did to several ski resorts in Northern Michigan.


Fraternity That Threw ‘Border Patrol’ Party Gets Zero Punishment From University And People Are Pissed


The Fijis at University of Texas at Austin, the house that threw a "border patrol" party earlier in the month and pissed off a ton of people on campus, is breathing a heavy tequila-scented sigh of relief.

sigma pi

Watch Sigma Pi At Santa Clara University Rage FACE At Their Shwayze Day Party This Past Fall


There’s nothing quite like getting absolutely shitfaced by 1:00 on a Saturday while raging your balls off as Shwayze lays down sick rhymes.


6 Michigan Fraternities and Sororities Suspended For Causing $120,000 In Damage To Ski Resorts


Last week I blogged about how University of Michigan fraternities went on a tear of destruction during their annual ski weekend trips to Michigan resorts.

fraternity videos

PIKE At ASU Made A Spring Rush Video To Show You How Turnt Up They Get


According to a reader e-mail, this is "guaranteed best fraternity rush video you've ever seen.


‘Her Ass Swallowed The Beads’ – The Story Of How Sorority Girls Wound Up In The ER While Experimenting With Sex Toys


It’s no secret that college is one of the only times in your life where you can almost get away with murder and still not have people judge you.

university of southern california

Sigma Alpha Mu At USC’s Black Light Paint Party Looks Like The Party Of The Goddamn Century


  If you like paint, black lights and rowdy college kids, this “Warhol” party thrown by Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Southern California is definitely something you’d be interested in.

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