fraternity life

Frat Bros Are Using a Secret-Sharing App to Confess Things They Would Never Tell Their Fraternity Brothers


If you're not familiar with the app Whisper, here's why you should be: Bros are dishing out their deepest fears, confessions, and insecurities on it 24/7, completely anonymously.

the atlantic

The Key Takeaways From ‘Atlantic Magazine’s’ Year-Long Exposé on Fraternities


Caitlin Flanagan, of Atlantic Magazine, spent the past year researching fraternity life and Greek culture for a feature, "The Dark Power of Fraternities," which was released today.

greek life

Video Game Geek Has a Ridiculous Video About ‘College Tips for Joining a Frat’


Honestly, it doesn't even make sense to waste our breath pontificating on this.

Total Frat Movie

Talking With Otis Day, a Fraternity Legend


Our Bros at TFM have recruited Otis Day from "Animal House" to appear in Total Frat Movie.

total frat move

Road Trip Raging: An Excerpt from ‘Total Frat Move: The Book’


Last week, our Bros over at Total Frat Move released their first book, Total Frat Move: The Book, by W.

Funny videos

Why You Should Never Host a Séance in a Frat House (Video)


Beware: Séances do not make for good rush events.


J-Train Wants to Pledge Your Fraternity—Think He Can Hang with You and Your Frat Bros?


Over the past year I've traveled to campuses all across the country, trying to relive the "Frat Experience" of my college days.


SyFy Dedicates Show to Haunted Penn Frat House, Doesn’t Realize ‘Ghost’ Was Just Drunk Kids


Last night, the Syfy channel aired an episode of one of its many idiotic ghost-hunting shows, "School Spirits.

zbt fraternity

The ZBT Fraternity Brothers at Vanderbilt Are Not Happy They Got Kicked Off Campus


Yesterday, the ZBT fraternity at Vanderbilt had its charter suspended following "a series of violations of both university and national fraternity policies.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review’s #2 College for Best Fraternity/Sorority Scene Is Insane


After releasing its lists of best party schools and most sober schools, Princeton Review has dropped its round-up of schools with the best Fraternity/Sorority scenes.

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