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These Senators Live in Absolute Frat House Squalor

New York's Chuck Schumer is the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate; Dick Durbin, the second. They both live in a shithole. The two—along with representative George Miller, a Dem

The PIKE Fraternity House At the University of Arkansas Is Going to Have a $6.9 Million Renovation

Based off the mock-ups, I can't tell if the University of Arkansas' new $6.9 million PIKE house is a fraternity house or, say, the mock

WOW, Sigma Nu’s House at the University of Oklahoma Is Going to Be Insane

Holy cow. Our Bros at TFM just landed an architectural mock-up of Sigma Nu's new fraternity house at the University of Oklahoma. This frat castle

20 Things Your Average Fraternity House Witnesses In The Course of a Year

If our houses could talk, they would probably be seeking counseling for PTSD and abuse. Our houses see a lot of crazy shit, and bear

A Video Tour of Sig Ep’s $5 Million Frat Castle at Virginia Tech That They Just Lost

Via our Bros at TFM comes a very Important update to the on-going saga about VT's Sig Ep house. VT's Student Affairs Vimeo channel has

The Best Frat House Submission That We Couldn’t Use

We spent the last week or so putting together this extensive list of the best frat palaces in the country, and there's one that didn't

The 30 Best Frat Houses in the United States

A little over a month ago, we sent out the notice: We were looking for your schools' finest dens of debauchery. Your sticky-floored palaces. Your

LAST CHANCE: Nominate Your Frat Castle for Our Ranking of ‘The Best Fraternity Houses in the U.S.’

This week is your last chance to nominate your fraternity house for our ranking of the biggest and baddest fraternity houses in the country! Details