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Ole Miss Bros Are Flying Drones with GoPros at Frat Parties Now

It truly is a brave new world we live in.

Frat Bros Give the Greatest Answer Ever to Why They Were Driving Around With Open Containers

This news report from South Carolina is the most Bro-tastic thing you’ll see today. [H/T: Reddit]

‘Workaholics’ Awesomely Makes Fun of Toolbag Fraternity Bros

I meant to write about this yesterday, but I got distracted from the gazillion of other attention-worthy things online. This […]

Dope Bros Post Sick Craigslist Ad For Awesome Room in … Suburban Townhouse

We get a lot of tips in the BroBible inbox, but this one, about a Craigslist ad for a room in outside D.C., really piqued

Here’s a Couple of Arizona Frat Guys Acting Like Complete Douche Hardasses

I can't really explain what's going on in this video because I have no clue. I'm not sure I really want to know, either, since

Bucknell Frat Bros Make Awesomely Bad ‘Throw Your Sig Ep Nuts in the Air’ Rap Song

This amazing story about a bunch of Bucknell Sig Eps just came over the BroBible tip line. A couple years ago a bunch of Sig Eps at Bucknell

Frat Bro with Miley Haircut Does Epic Jay-Z Cover

This Bro has pipes... 

Frat Bro’s Epic Flag Football Speech Is Even More Epic with the ‘Any Given Sunday’ Music

Finally, the mash-up the Internet deserves. That Drexel frat Bro's flag football pump-up speech finally got spliced with the music from Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday talk. The result

The 5 Frattest N64 Characters

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from. If you didn’t grow up playing the 64, then you should have been relocated

College Men Who Are NOT in Fraternities More Likely to Have Hostile Attitudes Towards Women

Frat Bros: Feel like you're always vilified by a negative stereotype about fraternity members from the public at large? Good news: There are some interesting

Sombrero-Wearing FSU Frat Bro Getting Jumped By Transvestites Is the Best Video Ever

Cinco De Mayo, Bro. The fight itself was shit, but this Frat Bro is off-the-charts. Total cliche of what everyone thought a Frat Bro was

67-Year-Old Bro Goes Back to College at UVA, Joins Chi Phi Fraternity

Jerry Reid never enrolled in college in the 1960s—he was more of a type to crash Chi Phi parties in Charlottesville. But today, the 67-year-old