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Italian Cyclist Vicenzo Nibali Was Denied a Kiss in Brutal Fashion

Gretzky is denied. Choked on the open net.

Paul Pogba Lifted France Into the Quarterfinals With This Header

Traditional powers advance.

America Just Lost Its Man Card, the French Drink More Whiskey than Us

God fucking dammit, America. According to Quartz, our great nation comes in third in whiskey drank per capita in the world. 

The French Are Hating on the Jews Because Europe or Something

There's a new viral trend sweeping across the European mainland and it's all about hating Jewish people. 

Scientist Takes Fifteen Years to Say That Women Are Better Off Without Bras

The jokes really write themselves on this one. A scientist... from France... took 15 YEARS to come to the conclusion that women benefit from not

10 Photos of the Most Expensive Bachelor Pad In the World, a $380 Million Penthouse In Monaco

Tony Stark lives here. As the Internet tends to do, many websites have been losing it the last few days over pics of a multistory penthouse in

Bizarre French Underwear Commercial Features A Lot of Nut-Smashing

It looks like tighty whiteys are still garnering a significant share of the underwear market in France. Things are so different in other countries, you

A Bro Leaves a Fresh Batch on the Steps of the Louvre, Plus Another MILF Gets Stuffed

I know this column is a few days late but let's not sit here and point fingers like a bunch of assh*les. AND, before we

Euro 2012: Five Questions About Spain-France

Spain has never beaten France in a major competition, but are heavy favorites to win Saturday’s Euro 2012 quarterfinal. The game presents the most anticipated

What to Expect From Euro 2012: Group D Has Familiar Foes

The 2012 UEFA Euro 2012 Championship kicks off on Friday. Sixteen national teams compete to be called Europe’s best. It’s like a mini-World Cup. Since

French Comedian Remi Galliard Has a Sweet Soccer Trick Shot Video

Remi Galliard is a French comedian who lost his job and now makes his living posting viral videos to YouTube. Good work if you can

Nicolas Sarkozy is a Prostitute, MSNBC Graphic Reports

Yeah, that’s not the right graphic. The boner took place on MSNBC this morning during a tease to upcoming segments. Outgoing French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Watch a Monster Avalanche Destroy and Devour a Ski Lift In France

Pretty gnarly footage from a ski resort in the Savoy Region of France, where a huge section of alpine snowpack slide down the

Court Rules That Man Must Pay His Ex-Wife $14,000 Over Lack of Sex

I can't even begin to explain this. When I read it, I initially thought it happened in some alternate universe. It happened in France, so

‘Skyliner Paris,’ a Documentary About French Urban Highliners, Looks Unreal

We've told you about highliners, the adrenaline junkies who afix ropes across canyons and/or buildings before crossing, in the past. Yesterday the trailer dropped for