stadium security done right

Stadium Security Guard Delivers Vicious Suplex Move To Rugby Streaker, Well Done Sir!


Look, if you want to run onto the pitch at a French rugby game wearing a Superman costume reserved for some kind of odd, superhero bedroom kinkiness, getting dropped like this is exactly what you deserve.

50 shades of grey

France Declared ’50 Shades Of Grey’ To Be Lame Enough That 12-Year-Olds Can Go See It In Theaters

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I’m starting to feel like I’m the only girl in the world who isn’t excited for 50 Shades of Grey to come out on Saturday.


Sister of French Terrorist Teaches ‘Booty Therapy’ Twerking Classes And Has The Ass Of A Goddess


Maimouna Coulibaly is the older sister of French terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who murdered five innocent people in Paris, but as it turns out the apple couldn't have fallen further from the tree.


The Drunkest Dad Of The Year Is This Dad Who Got Shitfaced At A Bar, Blacked Out And Then Woke Up In France


Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out in your front lawn because the extra 10-foot walk to your front door was just too far away.


France Just Held A Surfing Contest For Dogs And Suddenly I Don’t Hate The French So Much


This past Sunday the ‘Les Toutous Surfeurs’ took place in France, a surfing contest for righteous dogs willing to hop up on a board.


The French Are Hating on the Jews Because Europe or Something


There's a new viral trend sweeping across the European mainland and it's all about hating Jewish people.

Mcdonalds France

Man whips out an ax after getting cold fries at McDonald’s


French fries are nothing to joke about -- even in France.


Easily scared man gets pranked dozens of times at job


This French restaurant worker couldn't be more skittish.

Video games

Here we have a bunch of video game characters having sex


And the best part of a bunch of video game characters having sex.

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