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Dan Bilzerian and Hot Girls In Bikinis Shooting Guns? Dan Bilzerian and Hot Girls In Bikinis Shooting Guns!

I don't need to waste my time telling you a video of Dan Bilzerian and hot chicks shooting guns is something you should watch. The

FPS Russia Guy Turns Hellcat Tank Destroyer Into the World’s Most Powerful Potato Gun

A lot of YouTube shticks get old after a while. Remember the Epic Meal Time guys? When's the last time you watched one of their

The FPS Russia Dude Put a Machine Gun on a RC Quadrotor Helicopter

It's been a while since we've checked in with the Internet's favorite fake Russian gun nut, Kyle Myers. For his latest FPS Russia

Let’s Watch the FPS Russia Guy Shoot A Dragon 50cal With Explosive Ammo

Just going to throw this out there: FPSKyle/FPSRussia is probably the biggest boss on YouTube right now. Like, the guy makes easily six

Here’s the FPS Russia Guy Doing His Thing With a Minigun

The Internet's favorite fake Russian arms expert recently got his hands on a Gatling-type Minigun. Ridiculousness ensued.

Watch the FPS Russia Guy Blast 250 Watermelons With a 50 Caliber Machine Gun

It's been a while since we've checked up on Kyle Lamar Myers, a.k.a. the FPS Russia guy. Apparently he has access to armored personal

FPS Russia Glock 17 Explosive Ammo

Dmitri from FPS Russia fires a brass cased 10 gauge rifle and then an automatic Glock 17, with a pen*s shaped magazine and

Epic Meal Time Collaborates With FPS Russia

Pistol whipping that meat...  

VIDEO: Russian Guy Shoots ‘Dragons Breath’ Rounds from a Shot Gun

A few months ago a friend tipped me off to FPSRussia's channel on YouTube and I quickly became a big fan of his work. In