Everyone Freak Out: Fox News Says The Super Bowl May Be Canceled

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Fox News tried to give Americans everywhere fatal heart attacks this morning by speculating that Super Bowl XLIX could be canceled thanks to a soon-to-expire bill.


Vicious Hiker Attack: Pint-Sized Arctic Fox Tries To Gnaw Off Bro’s Sandal, Is Adorable


Here we see a hapless hiker bro getting his sandal gummed up by an adorable baby fox.


Watch Every Hilarious Mistake From UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg’s First, And Probably Last, NFL Game


UFC announcer Mike Goldberg had a rough weekend in the NFL on Fox booth.


RG3’s Eventual Death Foreshadowed on Live TV


As a Redskins' fan, I know that my fate is to watch RG3 one day die on an NFL field.

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Ten Awesome Facts About ‘The Simpsons’


Did you know that when The Simpsons is shown in Arabic countries, every scene from Moe's Tavern is cut out.


Fox News anchor drops amazingly stupid ‘Breaking Bad’ tweet


You have to be pretty freaking dumb to think that this is an OK thing to do.

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‘High School USA!’ trailer has you workin’ for the weekend


Fox's new Animation Domination HD is less than two weeks away, and we have a trailer for one of the new shows.

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