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RG3’s Eventual Death Foreshadowed on Live TV

As a Redskins' fan, I know that my fate is to watch RG3 one day die on an NFL field. 

Ten Awesome Facts About ‘The Simpsons’

Did you know that when The Simpsons is shown in Arabic countries, every scene from Moe's Tavern is cut out?

Fox’s Brian Billick Pegs Seattle Seahawks As ‘Team to Beat’ After They’re Eliminated From Playoffs

He had a 50 percent chance to nail his immediate postgame thought. He whiffed … mightily.

Daryl Johnston Thought the Dallas Cowboys-New Orleans Saints Game Was an Ugly Sweater Party

Daryl Johnson has to go to a holiday party at his in-laws’ place right after the game, you guys. There will be no time to

The Bros from ‘Entourage’ Have Sold a Weed-Based Sitcom to Fox

Do you think everything's still gonna always work out, and that they'll get the massive weed delivery after all? 

Erin Andrews Tells Dan Patrick Why She Left ESPN

The Queen of Sideline Reporting apparently made a pros and cons list like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly.” So that’s apparently sexy now.

Erin Andrews Is Going to Fox

After weeks of speculation, we now know where Andrews is going after all: Fox. 

World Ready to Take Shelter As George Lopez Debuts New Dating Show

He's baaaaack.  The comedian that won't go away will forcibly invade your television yet again tonight, this time with a reality dating show. "Take Me Out"

VIDEO: BroBible Founder Doug Banker Hypes ‘My Dad is a Bro’ on Fox

BroBible's first-ever book, "My Dad is a Bro," hits bookstores Tuesday and this morning, BroBible's Founder and C.E.Bro Doug Banker made an appearance on the

Fox Plans Animated ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ TV Show

News out of Hollywood today is that Fox has ordered seven episodes of a new animated show based on the hit indie film "Napoleon Dynamite."