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Mike Tyson Throws Darts Blindfolded, Proves He Has Super Powers

In case you're not a regular viewer yet, Fox Sports 1's Crowd Goes Wild has a segment called "Celebrities Throwing Sharp Objects Blindfolded." This week, Mike Tyson

Fox Sports 1 Heroes Jay and Dan Share Some First-Week Highlights

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we here at BroBible really like these guys. Although, putting out a weekly highlight reel could become

Our Favorite FOX Sports 1 Canadians Scream About Watching Colts/Giants on FOX

God bless this Canucks. They just might be the best thing to wander south from the Great White North since John Candy and vats of maple

‘No Filter’ With Katie Nolan is a Breath of Internet Fresh Air

The affable and attractive Katie Nolan recently left our family of websites to join Fox Sports 1 on their new show

Soccer Hottie Alex Morgan Got Sprayed With Water, Which is Nice

Alex Morgan is our version of Kate Middleton, only less pregnant and way hotter. She’s practically babe royalty. Here she is getting sprayed down for