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‘Fox & Friends’ On The Real Lesson From The Ray Rice Assault: Take The Stairs!


Fox & Friends handled the Ray Rice situation today with amazing tact.

sean hannity

‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Told Fox News’ Sean Hannity How Obama Should Deal With ISIS


Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is not one to ever back down when asked to give a hot take.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand Destroys Sean Hannity and Fox News, Continues to Be Awesome


I love watching Russell Brand pick-apart just how silly and stupid the American mainstream news media is.

Fox News

Fox News ruined a great American story about the foul ball pimp


Remember the kid who grabbed the foul ball and gave it to a hot chick behind him.

Heather Childers

Fox News is at it again. This time they’re screwing up college basketball


The NCAA = a corrupt organization making millions off kids who go to bed hungry.

Spring Break

Fox News Sends a Reporter to Spring Break at Panama City Beach, She Comes Back Absolutely Appalled


This might be the most "sorry for partying" news segment in broadcast news history.

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