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Russell Brand Destroys Sean Hannity and Fox News, Continues to Be Awesome

I love watching Russell Brand pick-apart just how silly and stupid the American mainstream news media is.

Kanye West Compared Being Photographed to Rape, Fox News’ Stacey Dash Thinks He Needs to Experience Prison Rape

Here's a blisteringly hot take to start your day.

Fox News Sends a Reporter to Spring Break at Panama City Beach, She Comes Back Absolutely Appalled

This might be the most "sorry for partying" news segment in broadcast news history.

This California Guy is STILL Living on Food Stamps, STILL Driving a Cadillac Escalade, STILL Giving No Fucks

"What does this look like to most people?" "It looks like a good time, man."

​Drunk Girls Scream ‘We’re Gonna Fuck Shit Up!’ Live on Fox News

With five minutes left on the clock until 2014 last night, these two turnt drunk girls in Miami had a message for the nation: "We're

Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for Saying Jesus, Santa Are White

Yesterday, Fox News' Megyn Kelly dutifully reported that Jesus, a Middle Eastern Jew, and Santa Claus, a fictional concept, are both white. Jon Stewart naturally

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Dutifully Reports Both Santa and Jesus are White

News you can … use … I guess?

Jon Stewart Roasts Fox News For 4,000th Time

The sun rises in the east, water is wet and Jon Stewart mocks Fox News. These are the things you can always count on in

Stephen Colbert Riffed on Fox News’ Intense Newsroom Last Night

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith disappeared for the last month. Went completely off the air. The legendary eyebrows? Gone without a trace. We thought he might have been confused

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fox News With Fake Story

Jimmy Kimmel wondered just how gullible Fox News producers are after a particularly regrettable reporting error over the weekend. 

Fox News Hilariously Falls for Fake News Story

Regardless of the news station and its political persuation, getting trolled by a fake news organization is funny. So it happened last week to Fox News' Anna Kooiman, who

Jon Stewart Tore Fox News Morons a New One Over the Government Shutdown, Exclaims ‘F*** You’

Jon Stewart was ticked on Monday right before the government shutdown. On Tuesday night, after it was official, he decided it was time to put a

Chinese Man’s New Nose Came From His Forehead

Let's have a thought excerise. Say you lost your nose in an accident and a couple of doctors and/or scientists said they could grow you a

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Takes Fox News to Task for Blaming Violence on Video Games

You just knew someone would attempt to link Navy Yard to violent video games. It's happened again and again. And Stephen Colbert, in his own masterful

Behold, a Textbook Example of Fox News Trolling

Well this is amazing. Everyone who is going to college this fall should watch this video just to realize how low the bar has fallen

Fox News Anchor Injures Trick Shot-Performing Baby with Basketball

Brian Kilmeade, ladies and bros! Has he completely turned into his SNL impression? Why you gotta hurt Trick Shot Titus?

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Does a Little Eminem for You

It’s been a terrible, no good, very bad week. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly reading Eminem lyrics from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter account was a tiny silver

Jon Stewart’s Post-Election ‘Avalanche On Bullsh*t Mountain’

Did anyone watch Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, and Bill O'Reilly meltdown on Fox News the other night? The pundit-vs-real newsroom meltdown after Fox called Ohio for

This Bro Pranked Fox News in a Big Way This Morning

A guy named Max Rice went on Fox & Friends this morning to talk about recent college graduates' unemployment levels, and it did not turn

Fox News Uses Valuable Caption Space to Slam Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony

Great caption right there, fellas. Solid and professional in every sense.

Busting the Bogus Fox News Report Claiming Men Who Stare at Breasts Have a Healthier Heart

Fox News recently aired a report about a German study claiming that men who stare at a women's breasts on the reg are generally more