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Georgia Southern University Raged Their Tits Off On The Fourth Of July

The guy in the Tigger suit is killing it.

John Oliver Destroys Your July 4th Forever By Informing Everyone How Lame Fireworks Actually Are

And now I'm sad.

The 4th of July Is Over. Let’s Watch a Fireworks Store Burn to the Ground

It actually probably needs some water.

Johnny Manziel Photographed Rolling-Up Money in a Las Vegas Bathroom, Let the Speculation RUN WILD!

Johnny Manziel celebrated America's independence by laying low and watching rom-coms. Naw, just kidding, he was obviously partying in Las Vega

Happy 4th of July from BroBible!

Our favorite holiday of the year has finally arrived... Happy Fourth of July, Bros!

Why the Fourth of July is the Best Day of the Year

It's the most wonderful day of the year.

How to Cook Bacon Using a Machine Gun

What are you, a pussy?

This Is How You Grill Meat Like A Fucking Boss So Your July Fourth Doesn’t Suck

I don't even LIKE steak and this is making me hungry.

25 Movies To Get You Ready For The Fourth Of July

July 4th, Independence Day, is just over a week away. Like all great patriotic holidays, it’s important that you celebrate it to the utmost of

This Close-Up Video of the San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Is INSANE

Rockets red glare indeed. This is freakin' awesome. 

This Fireworks Law Map Lets You Know Which States Rule and Which States Suck

If you're planning on shooting off some exploding crap tomorrow, it might be a good idea to know what's legal in your state. American Pyro

Before You Grill, Watch This Important Hot Dog Announcement

Well, this changes everything. And just in time for the Fourth of July.

An Amazing Birds-Eye View of Fireworks Exploding, Via GoPro

If you're ready to set the mood for the Fourth, watch this video. Jeremiah Warren attached a GoPro to a few balloons and then set off

Phil Jackson Celebrates Freedom from the NBA By Rocking a Patriotic Grateful Dead Shirt

Here's known-Deadhead/former NBA Zen Master Phil Jackson, on the Fourth of July, wearing a stars-and-stripes Grateful Dead "Steal Your Face" shirt. Wave it wide and

Here’s the NYPD Blowing Up 5,000 Pounds of Confiscated Fireworks

We were too busy not sitting in front of a computer and having fun this past weekend to post this video from the

Fourth of July Buzz, Presented By America the Beautiful

Happy Fourth of July! See you tomorrow.