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Looking for an App That Helps You Avoid Other People? This Thing Does, and It Rules


One of the main plotlines in the new season of Arrested Development is George Michael's invention of the "Anti-Facebook," an online device that would keep you away from friends you'd rather not see online.


Foursquare now rates everywhere you go


Foursquare recently made itself more than a way to tell thieves when to break into your house by collecting and adding the recommendations of friends to its app.


The new Foursquare app is actually…useful?


Recently we told you about Blindsquare, an app that takes the data collected from the vanity of Foursquare users and combines it with other information to make a useful app for the blind.


Blindsquare makes Foursquare actually useful


Some people love Foursquare, some people hate it, but it's pretty hard to argue that it has any genuine use, unless you're involved in law enforcement or want to track somebody in order to break into their house.


‘Where Did You Wear It’ Condoms Track Where You Had Sex a la Foursquare Check-Ins


Here's a nifty new way to tell the world where and when you just had sex.

places you don’t want to check in on Foursquare

8 places you don’t want to check-in on Foursquare

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Foursquare and Facebook’s “Places” application are all the rage for social media enthusiasts.

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