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How to ‘Cook’ Homemade Four Loko

After a brief scare, Four Loko isn't going away any time soon. But hey, why not try making your own homemade batch of Loko? Here's

Nevermind Guys! Four Loko is Here to Stay

We were wrong.

Pour One Out For Four Loko, Which Is Officially Ending Production

It's the end of a gasoline-tasting, false advertising era.

Video: Hillbilly In Werewolf Mask Makes His Own Four Loko Commerical

Feast your f*cking eyes on The Timinator. A Four Loko–engulfing, werewolf mask–wearing, self-imposed retard (guessing), who appears to have been roaming this earth with very

Banned Four Loko Batch Being Recycled Into Ethanol

Remember the alcoholic energy drink everyone was pounding two months ago before the FDA yanked it from store shelves? Of course you do. Now a

REJOICE: How to Make Homemade Four Loko

In case you haven't heard, the FDA is poised to ban the current caffeinated incarnation of everyone's favorite "blackout in a can." It was fun

Here’s a Video of an Idiot Chugging 4 Four Lokos

Thanks to our friends at Gorilla Mask, today we stumbled upon a little online project called FourLokoStories.com. The name basically says it all (although most

New York State Jumps on the ‘Hey, Let’s Ban Four Loko!’ Bandwagon

My dream of playing an impromptu game of Four Loko dizzybat in the middle of Central Park will probably not come to fruition next summer,

Breaking Down the Inevitable Four Loko Rap Video

Four Loko. Those two words stir up fond memories of lack of memories. Lately Loko has been all the noise and rage: Chicks across college