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Boston Red Sox Fan Catches Foul Ball, Puts it in Her Bra for Safekeeping

Those seams feel good against the skin.

Cubs Fan, Marlins Fan Team Up to Create Delightful Moment of Human Kindness

People helping people.

Cleveland Indians Fan Tries to Catch Baseball, Almost Eats it Instead

Eat it.

Talkative Fan at Orioles-Rays Game Escapes Foul Boul Death by Mere Inches

Look out.

Little Kid Loves Souvenir Baseball More Than You’ve Ever Loved Anything


Fan Goes For Foul Ball, Catches Concrete Instead

Ouch, babe.

Baseball Is Back, Which Means Catchers Taking Foul Tips to the Dick Is Back, Too (GIF)

Ouch. It's baseball season alright.

Little Kid Throws Amazing Tantrum Over Foul Ball, Is Rewarded


Cleveland Indians Fan Catches FOUR Foul Balls During Game

I once caught a foul ball at a Chicago White Sox game. It was the single biggest thrill of my life, far dwarfing my wedding

Bro Gets Robbed of Foul Ball at Oakland A’s Game by Another Bro HOLDING NACHOS

Nacho ball, son. Nacho ball. 

Fan at Mariners Game Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Puts on Impressive Chugging Display

This guy is a hero. There’s no way around it.

Cubs Fan Sacrifices Scalp for Baseball, Does Not Impress

My God. What a terrible effort, job.

Awesome Kid Snags Astros Fly Ball in Popcorn Bucket

A kid at the Houston Astros game last night lived out a fantasy all of us have harbored since we discovered that you can keep

Texas Rangers Couple Catches Foul Ball, Refuse to Give It to Hysterical Child Next to Them

I love this couple. They take a foul ball from the kid and then they start celebrating -- just throwing it in his