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Congrats, You’re Going to Fordham! Just Kidding, Screw You

On Wednesday, 2,500 high school seniors received letters from Fordham University that said they had been accepted into the New York-based college. A few hours later, the

Fordham University Hit with Makeout-Exposing Twitter Account

The "hot new" Twitter account sweeping Fordham University is @fu_makeouts, a student-run gossip spout that documents other co-eds' public makeout sessions. Nearly a thousand

Fordham’s Special Jerseys Set New Standard for Patriotism

There have been so many patriotic uniform efforts over the past few years that they’ve long since lost a little of their intended impact. Luckily,

Dom Mazzetti vs. Second Semester

Getting your life and grades together after you destroyed them in the first semester can be difficult. Check out Dom's plan of action