NFL QBs Take Turns Shitting On Tony Romo And Drew Brees In This Week’s NFL QB’s Talking Trash On Facebook


Click here to keep reading more of this week's NFL QBs Talking Talk on Facebook at ProFootball Mock.

lesean mccoy

The Receipt That LeSean McCoy Tipped Only 20 Cents On Is Now For Sale On Ebay For Over $700


From justifying his shitty tip by saying that the restaurant had awful service, to Charlie Sheen giving the stiffed waiter $1,000, the tip that LeSean McCoy left (or in this case didn't leave) has been everywhere.


HS Football Player Faceplants So Hard It Hurts To Watch


I actually feel a little pain within my loins every time I hit replay on this video and watch this football player smack face first into the ground, yet somehow I can't stop watching.


The 5 Things We Learned From NFL Week One


The NFL Season kicked off this past weekend with Steelers WR Antonio Brown kicking Browns punter Spencer Lanning square in the face.


Ray Rice’s Wife Released Statement On Instagram Today, Is Not Happy With The Media

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports Every media outlet posted their fair share of Ray Rice content yesterday.

high school football

HS Football Team Winning 69-0, Goes For 2-Point Conversion Because They’re Pricks


It's really sad when a talented high school team doesn't live up to its potential.

Graham Gano

Carolina Panthers Kicker Graham Gano Practices Kicking While The Marching Band Is Still On The Field


During halftime of Carolina Panthers game vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Graham Gano felt he needed to get a few practice kicks in but that was made a bit difficult since Bethune Cookman's band was performing at the same time.

late night tv

NFL Players And Erin Andrews Read Mean Tweets On ‘Kimmel’ Last Night


Last night, Jimmy Kimmel did as Jimmy Kimmel often does and had current and former NFL players read mean tweets -- like really mean, I hope you get severely injured tweets -- to help kick off the start of the 2014 NFL season.

dead celebs

Peter King Needs To Stop Tweeting His Stupid Stories About Dead Celebrities


Peter King never let's the death of a celebrity pass him by without tweeting an pointless anecdote about said dead celebrity.

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