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This Cleveland Browns Fan Can’t Stop Yelling About Johnny Manziel And Cocaine


Instagram user Carlos Irizarry, a man of many videos, is over the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland.


Bro Hits 20-Leg NFL Teaser, Turns $7 Into $10,500


When I first saw this bro's NFL teaser card last night I showed it to some friends and it was shocking how many things we immediately discussed outside of the fact that he actually won.


The Central Michigan Football Team EXPLODED With Joy When They Learned Their Bowl Game Wasn’t In Detroit


Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports Although the Central Michigan University athletic department slow-rolled the shit out of them with their unveiling, you won't find a happier group of people than the CMU football team the moment it was communicated to them that their bowl game was in the Bahamas and not Detroit.


NFL Defensive End Darnell Dockett Almost Got Kicked Out Of His Jury Duty For Live-Tweeting The Entire Thing


Jury duty is portrayed to be almost as fun as watching paint dry which, if you ask me, is a pretty good deal considering you get lunch provided to you and I THINK, if I remember all my 1990’s John Grisham crime thriller movies correctly, you get something like $15 a day.


These High School Girls All Wore Blackface Playing In A Power Puff Football Game, Or Did They?

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For the annual Sullivan High School powder-puff football game there exists a tradition of the girls painting their faces as a way to lampoon the eye black that men wear on the gridiron.

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