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Troy University O-Lineman Terrence Jones Squats 810 Pounds with Incredible Ease

Strong man is strong.

Arena League Football Player Makes Perfect Arena League Catch


The Eagles Release DeSean Jackson, Rumors Swirling That He Is Allegedly Tied to the ‘Crips’ Gang

I'm so glad I didn't buy that Djax jersey a couple of years ago.

Little Kid Loses His Shit Over the Panthers Releasing Steve Smith

I did the same thing when Michael Jordan retired for the first time.

Piers Morgan Calls American Football ‘Girly,’ Says Pads Aren’t ‘Manly’

Go back to England, Piers Morgan. It is our birthright as red-blooded Americans to hate on anyone who hates on [...]

Richie Incognito Is Saying Some Extremely Fucked Up Things on Twitter About Jonathan Martin Right Now

Not sure what this below accomplishes. Probably something he should have kept private. FACT: Jonathan Martin told me he thought [...]

And So It Begins…Here’s a Video of Michael Sam Dancing Shirtless to ‘Rock With You’ at a Gay Bar in Missouri

We know what you’re thinking and we, too, are shocked that Missouri has gay bars. We’re not shocked that this [...]

Richard Sherman Destroys a Troll on Twitter

Rule number one of the Internet: Don’t feed the trolls, unless you’re Richard Sherman and just won a Super Bowl [...]

What If All 32 NFL Teams Had ‘Star Wars’-Themed Helmets?

  The end of football season always puts me into a tailspin of depression. It begins when college football ends [...]

Jared Lorenzen Is Still a Scramblin’, Gun-Slingin’ Quarterback

Who saw this coming? Jared Lorenzen—the former Kentucky folk hero turned Eli Manning backup—is still playing football. Lorenzen was never [...]

This is What Most Guy’s Sundays Will Look Like After Football Season

Football season is just about over and we’re all screwed. Your typical Sunday To-Do list is about to get absolutely ruined

In Interview, Richard Sherman Says the Word ‘Thug’ Is Akin to a Racial Slur

At a press conference today, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said people who use the word 'thug' to describe him are using it as a

Is This Rex Ryan Eating at a Denny’s in Florida?

It certainly appears so. 

Father Forces Son to Run Alongside Moving Car to ‘Train For Football,’ Son Is Only 5 Years Old

This video has everything: cursing, threats of vehicular homicide, a no-pain-no-gain mentality, talks of another son who sucks, CROCS, double-wides, RVs and, most importantly, a hint of child abuse. Or,

Who to Start and Sit in Week 15 of Fantasy Football

I came into last week tired of Jordan Cameron. He had served me well earlier in the season, but he had completed four straight stinkers

VIDEO: What If Women Liked Football More Than Men?

This has me cracking up. 

Kraken. Hogwarts.

Drew Brees may have been too much for the Panthers last night, but Greg Hardy won Best SNF Intro... Ever. Donning stunna shades and a

Rob Ford Is Heading to a Town Where His Crack Smoking Will Be Appreciated

Washington, D.C., of course. 

The World’s Worst Women To Watch Football With

"I'm putting Housewives on because stuff actually happens in that show!" Elite Daily just dropped a video that almost every guy can relate to. 

And on a related note... 

Why My Girlfriend Shouldn’t Watch Football with Me: A Girlfriend’s Rebuttal

Editor's Note: The following is a response to an article we published last year, titled "Why My Girlfriend Shouldn’t Watch Football with Me

5 Most Memorable Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Letdowns

In honor of nostalgia, let’s pretend your television only gets three channels in color, that there is only one nationally televised NFL matchup on per

We Fully Support These Female Green Bay Packer Fans Going to Today’s Freezing Cold Game in Bikinis

The wind chill factor at today's Green Bay Packers game is eight. 

CRAZY Video of a High School Football Player Beating Another Player with His Helmet

Tempers can run high during a football game, but this is unquestionably the most unsportsman-like thing I've ever witnessed. Back in September I posted about

DII Running Back Does a Front-Flip Over a Defender, Lands It, Keeps Trucking

Martee Tenner is a running back at Lincoln University (Missouri). During a game against Southwest Baptist on Saturday, he pulled this downright incredible front-flip over a

Jacksonville’s Jason Babin Ripped the Dreads Off a Cardinals Player and Threw Them On the Ground

The NFL is getting so insanely barbaric, I freakin' love it. Here's a screencap of Jason Babin holding the guy's dreads up like a trophy from

This Eagles Event Staffer Can’t Stop Checking out Erin Andrews’ Ass

I don't blame him. 

18 Things Bandwagon Sports Fans Say

19. Who is winning the sports match?

Meet a 400-Poud High School Running Back Who’s Called ‘Big Tone’

Bros, meet Tony "Big Tone" Picard. He is a 6' 4", 400-pound monster running back for White Swan High School in Washington state. His stats

The 16 Most Patriotic NCAA Football Uniforms

Instead of watching the football games this Fall, you better start paying attention to the uniforms your favorite players are wearing.

21 Awesome Punt Return GIFs, FTW

What the hell is more exciting in a football game than a punt return touchdown? A punt return touchdown GIF, that's what! 

The Texans’ Arian Foster Will Miss the Rest of the Season

Hope you got Ben Tate as a handcuff. 

The Week 10 NFL Picks Will Deliver Like Last Night’s Vikings/Redskins Game

Thursday night was supposed to be a great night for college football. Yet as it turns out, it was the NFL game that ended up being

Middle School Football Coach is Under Fire for Wanting to Host Team Party at Hooters

An Oregon middle school football coach is in some hot water (or should we say hot sauce) for his insatiable desire to host his team's

The 21 Coolest College Football Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)

Years ago, NCAA football uniforms were used as a way of distinguishing between players and teams. 

Tony Romo is a Filthy, Cheating Piece of Shit

These past few weeks have seen approximately 2,230,591 puff pieces about how Tony Romo is not the reason the Cowboys lose. 

RG3’s Eventual Death Foreshadowed on Live TV

As a Redskins' fan, I know that my fate is to watch RG3 one day die on an NFL field. 

Another Week, Another Jets Tip Drill Interception

Last Sunday, we saw the Jets with a tip drill interception against the Bengals. 

Indiana Football Players Did the ‘Thriller’ Dance

Indiana took some time during yesterday’s practice to do the Thriller dance. Classic Halloween behavior.

High School Football Team Has a Trick Play Named After a Miley Cyrus Song and It’s Awesome

Bros: We're now naming trick plays after Miley Cyrus songs. This play is called "The Wrecking Ball" and it's basically a fake field goal attempt that

YES! Matthew Stafford Was Mic’d Up For His Game-Winning Drive

In a superb confluence of events, Matthew Stafford was mic'd up for his game-winning drive against the Dallas Cowboys yesterday.