UF Fan Posts Craigstlist Ad For New Gators Football Head Coach–Wants Women To Keep Their Mouths Shut

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The University of Florida football program has fallen into complete disarray under current head coach Will Muschamp, and one sexist Gators fan is taking the search for a new coach to Craigslist.


Peyton Manning Anoints Himself King And Everyone Shits On Russell Wilson In ‘NFL QBs Talking Trash On Facebook’


Head on over to ProFootballMock to finish reading this week's NFL QB's Taking Trash on Facebook.


This High School Punt Return Features The Most Piss-Poor Display Of Tackling You Might Ever See


As I watch this, all I can see in my head is my old high school coach, who was a lot like Gregg Williams, sitting on the sidelines, watching this pitiful display of tackling, and screaming, "KILL THE HEAD AND THE BODY WILL DIE.

college football

College Quarterback Does The Improbable, Throws A 47-Yard Touchdown Pass To Himself


This past weekend, North Greenville University stepped onto the gridiron against Mars Hill University.

prep school sports

Connecticut Prep School Football Team Pulls Off A Last Minute Win With INCREDIBLE Trick Play


Apparently our coverage o fConnecticut prep school sports highlights hasn't gone unnoticed up in The Nutmeg State.

key and peele

Watch ‘Key & Peele’ Just Rip On The NFL Concussion Issue In The Most Hilarious Way Possible


I can say without a doubt that if you don’t think Key & Peele is funny, there is a 95% chance that you’re literally Satan.


Conan O’Brien Has The Perfect Solution To Help The NFL Fix Its Image


Let’s face it: the NFL’s image hasn’t exactly been the best lately.


D3 Quarterback Hurdles Defender En Route To Scoring Spectacular TD, Could Start For Michigan


I don't mean that headline as a slight towards how terrible Michigan Football is right now.

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