weird burgers

What The Hell Is Slithering Around In This Guy’s Burger?


You've got cheeseburgers burgers, veggie burgers, salmon burgers, lamb burgers, crab burgers and now bug burgers.


7 Tips You Need To Know To Take Your Burger Game From ‘Eh’ To ‘WOW’


Not every Bro can make a burger that’ll make all the ladies flock to the grill in his back yard, but you know what.


This Burger Has 10,500 Calories, 24 Oz In Patties, 12 Strips Of Bacon And I’d List More I Just Had A Heart Attack


I know I just look like a tall skinny white girl, but in reality I’m a tall skinny white girl who has the stomach capacity of an obese hippo.


Someone Was Stealing Lunch At Work From This Guy’s Wife, So He Got Revenge In The Hottest Way Possible

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One of the cardinal rules of life is 'you do NOT steal from a coworker,' especially when it comes to food.


College Students Ordered Domino’s New Donuts With Their Late-Night Pizza And HOLY SHIT THERE’S MOLD EVERYWHERE!


I go into every week of work knowing there will be two content certainties: Somewhere, someone will find an incredibly disgusting sight when they open a package of food, and somewhere, a high school teacher, or several, will get arrested for fucking a student.

rob ryan

Here’s Rob Ryan Taking A Big Ol’ Bite Of A Cheese Danish And Washing It Down With Coffee


Rob Ryan, everyone's favorite football coach/Big Lebowski impersonator, is on hand in Indianapolis to scope out NFL prospects.

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