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Feel Bad About Skipping The Gym Today? Watch Guy Fieri Eat Food In Slow-Mo To ‘Killing Me Softly’ And Feel Better


About 20 minutes ago I tweeted the following: That thing where you ate so much you want to die but then you're like ".


No, Cool Ranch Doritos Are Vastly SUPERIOR To Nacho Cheese Doritos

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Earlier today my co-worker, David Covucci, made an absolute fool of himself by posting a strongly worded piece on the superiority of Nacho Cheese Doritos over Cool Ranch Doritos.

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How To Eat Chicken Without Wanting To Kill Yourself


YouTube Have you ever tried to eat clean.


Let This Video Of School Lunches Around The World Remind You To Be Grateful That You Don’t Live In Russia


America may be the land of diabetes and French fries, but I’ll pick that any day over porridge and sausage.


This Guy Smoking A McDonalds French Fry Is Probably The Most Infuriatingly Stupid Thing You’ll Watch All Day


I was expecting to watch this video and wind up thinking to myself “Wow this guy is dumb,” but instead I watched this video and wound up thinking to myself “Wow this guy is dumb and I hate him.


Smart People Like Curly Fries


Because smart people are smart.


The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $1,770 And Looks Like Something You’d Find In A Dumpster


Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and ordered an $18 cheeseburger that was made with some fancy-sounding bullshit like “Unadulterated Prime Beef Stuffing” and thought to yourself “Man that was great, if only they’d charged me $1,752 more.

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