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KFC Is Bringing the Double-Down BACK, Because Publicity

The world goes round and round and round.

Domino’s Now Has a Pizza That Uses Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

Yes, you read that right.

Ice Cream with Viagra Is a Thing That Exists

"Hang... hang on, honey! Just NEED TO FINISH THIS ICE CREAM RIGHT NOW."

I Didn’t Plan On It, But I Ate a Sandwich on the Toilet

My life lacks anything resembling ambition, yet, it doesn’t matter how engrossed I am in a Maury rerun or how diligently I’m not applying for

Does This Danish Pastry Look Like Rory McIlroy?


Ha! New Study Finds Being a Vegetarian Isn’t Good For You

I knew it.

Hot Chick Eats Ghost Pepper, Deals With Very Real Consequences

Hot things.

The Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Pizza, as Told By a Pizza

Hands down the best food on the planet, right? You have no idea how badly I want pizza right now.

I Tried to Conquer the White Castle Crave Case, Like a Total Fucking Boss

Spellbound, I sat there, still too drunk to drive, riding shotgun, my Crave Case in my clutches.

GOOD NEWS: Marinating Meat With Beer Is Good for You

This is the best news ever for Ron Swanson...

These 5 Chipotle Secret Menu Items Are Gamechangers

The Internet has a pretty big obsession with "secret menu" items at fast food restaurants.

The Bros’ Guide to Ramp Season

It's almost upon us.

The 25 Most Mouthwatering Burgers You Need to Eat Before You Die

I am so hungry right now, it's not even funny.

20 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With a Girl’s Food

Hell hath no fury like a hungry woman. Our friends at The Chive put together a list of times a lady has freaked out because

The 33 Best College Sandwich Shops In America

Jimmy Johns is great and all, but if you’ve never experienced the drunk food magic of an Are U Hungry? [...]

Hot Pockets Yanked From Stores for Containing ‘Diseased and Unsound Animals’ So Change Your Dinner Plans

Hot Pockets — the food most enjoyed by the diseased and unsound animals of the world — is being pulled [...]

Cricket Reporter Conducts Hilarious Interview After Eating Hot Chilis

Cricket is huge in New Zealand. It’s so big, in fact, that many people actually understand the rules. Lachlan Forsyth [...]

Are Bros Allowed To Order Low Calorie Meals?

Commercials work, even if you don’t always realize how deep all those ads for cars, ball cream and beer penetrate [...]

McDonald’s Shows Us How Their McNuggets Are Really Made, Because They Think We Care and That’s Adorable

See. It looks nothing like pink goop. Oh, wait. It totally looks like pink goop! Whoops and shit. In related [...]

VIDEO: Three Eating Strategies for Crushing Wings Tonight

Via the esteemed Albert Burneko comes this video on different strategies for eating wings. 

Pennsylvanians Are Losing Their Shit Over Yuengling Ice Cream

As a born-and-raised Pennsylvanian, I'm pretty sure I can live a very long time on a diet of pretzels, ice cream, and beer. Specifically, a bag of Snyder's

The World’s First Burrito Vending Machine Has Arrived

Watch out, Chipotle. Burrito Box is going to change the burrito game. The concept -- in a nutshell -- is like Red Box and Chipotle have a love

You Can Now Buy Mountain Dew-Flavored Cheetos in Japan

Hey video game stoners: Do you prefer your munchies to taste like your soda of choice? Go to Japan, where some probably-high food scientist limited-edition snack

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of Pop Tarts Being Made

Pop Tarts are undeniably delicious. But they aren't exactly made with tender care. They're made like this. Bon appetit. 

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Waffle House

What would the Dirty South be without it's beloved Waffle House? 

Brady Hoke Enjoys a Very Full Plate

Brady Hoke hasn’t exactly been the answer to all of Michigan’s prayers. But let’s give credit where credit is due. The man can eat with

The Legend Behind the Doritos Locos Tacos Has Tragically Passed Away

There are some heroes who never really get their due. They may change your life in a profound way, but you couldn't pick them out

Bro Does a ‘Pizza Cleanse,’ Eats Nothing But Pizza for Five Straight Days

Thrillist's Andy Kryza hates vegetables. So he decided to create something called "The Pizza Cleanse" and eat nothing but pizza for five days in a

23-Year-Old Girl In Toronto Is Serial Dating Guys Just So They Buy Her Free Food at Nice Restaurants

Bros, meet Erin from Toronto. She's a  23-year-old struggling actress. She's also a broken foodie with an expensive taste for fancy restaurants. As a means to an end

Power Ranking the 9 Best Drunk Foods at 7-Eleven

Just admit it.... You've bought a Monterey Chicken Taquito while drunk off your ass during a 7-11 stop. 

The Most Insanely Unhealthy Stadium Foods Ever Invented

Must. Have. The. Krispy. Kreme. Donut. Burger. Mmmmmm......

Kate Upton and Snoop Dog Made a Sexy, 4/20-Friendly Tribute to Hot Pockets

Kate Upton + Snoop Dogg + Hot Pockets = Stoner heaven? Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg filmed a music video about gooey irresistibility of Hot Pockets.

Not-So-Low Fat: Foods That Are Deceptively Unhealthy

Are you an idiot like me and order the burrito bowl at Chipotle thinking it's actually healthier than a burrito? Yeah, admit it... You are.

Science! Breaks Down 5 Reasons Why Doritos Taste So Damn Good

I have no shame in admiting that I love Doritos. Absolutely love them. I feel a strong emotional connection to them, snacking on them during

13 Foods You’re Pronouncing Wrong

Don't pronounce "quinoa" like a douche. Chicks love quinoa. 

Bro Builds 1000 Gram Protein Bar, Consumes the Entire Thing

This log of protein looks more like a log of something else once he's done with it, if ya know what I mean. If

Ranking the 10 Best Cheeseburgers In America for ‘National Cheeseburger Day’

This list has to make Jimmy Buffett mighty happy. Surely it could be expanded to 50, too. Your favorite burger in the comments, Bros... 

This Epic 1,360 Calorie ‘Pizzaburger’ Is a Bacon Cheeseburger Wrapped In a Pepperoni Pizza Slice

America, meet a pizzaburger that's 1,360 calories and has 2,000 milligrams of sodium. OMG OMG OMG I MUST HAVE IT. 

Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar created

The ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Guide to Eating and Drinking

Tonight, the motley Gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for a new season of depraved hijinks. Personally, I can't wait. In honor of

The ‘Megaburgerpizza’ Might Be the Most Amazing Stoner Munchie of All Time

It's a burger AND a pizza. Only in Japan... The 2.65-pound Megaburgerpizza is a bunch of beef patties sandwiched between two 11-inch pizzas. In otherwords, a