ice cream burritos

Stoners Rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s Is Offering Ice Cream Burritos On 4/20!


On Wednesday, we discovered that Ben & Jerry's was making Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

stoner food

Pizza Tacos Exist And I Can’t Stop Thinking About Making Them


If you're every bored and have a serious case of the munchies, here's a pizza taco recipe to try.

man vs food

Adam Richman From ‘Man Vs. Food’ Proves Internet Wrong About Being Vegan, Crushes’ In-N-Out Burgers On Twitter


Yesterday was a sad day for us here at BroBible HQ when we heard that Adam Richman from Man vs.


Uber Is Launching A Food Delivery Service, And I Hope Its Transition Into The Industry Is Seamless


Uber is no longer satisfied with just driving my drunk ass around screaming "TURN ON THE RADIO, BRO.


Host Of ‘Man Vs.Food’ Has Announced He’s Gone Vegan. I’ve Never Felt So Betrayed, Ashamed

By | 5 Comments

I thought about writing this as an obituary for Adam Richman, the once revered host of 'Man vs.


The Key To Salvation Is Beer! How Beer Can Save California From Drought


You've all heard by now about the drought in California that's gotten so bad the governor has called for mandatory water restrictions.

grilled cheese

If You Don’t Love Grilled Cheese Chances Are Your Life Sucks And You Don’t Have Sex (Report)


According to a recent study, if you love grilled cheese chances are you're having a lot of sex and your life is awesome.


McDonald’s Is Stepping Up Their Burger Game To Compete With Shake Shack And Five Guys


McDonald's new hamburgers are here to reverse the company's flagging sales.


World Leader Caught Eating A Hotdog With Fork And Knife Should Just Flog Himself In Shame


People around the world constantly poke fun at Americans, but I can say one thing for certain: our President would never be caught dead eating a hotdog like a pussy.

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