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Wanna Barf? Jagermeister-Flavored Poutine Exists

Terrible idea.

This Is a Strangely Erotic One Minute Video About Eggs

Eggs are cool and all, but this is weird.

Good News For, Like, Everyone. You Can Eat as Much Salt as You Want.

At least double what you are consuming now.

Watch an Attractive Redhead Show You How to Grill Skirt Steak

Double yum.

Here Are Some Disgusting Facts About Food

Like, seriously gross.

5 Delicious and Cheap Meals You Can Make Without Sacrificing Your Gains in the Gym

Any decent bro who uses the iron understands that diet is crucial to making serious gains. With that said, eating […]

I Can’t Stop Watching These Syracuse Geeks Grill a Steak on Molten Lava

Could you eat a steak right now? What about a steak charred over FREAKIN' LAVA.

Guy Fieri Think Wedge Salads Should Have Miller Lite in Them

The man is nuts.

Yadier Molina Had Peanut Butter Crackers Delivered to His Brother at Home Plate

Sometimes you just need a snack.

Hey Broke College Kids: This Video Shows You How Ramen Noodles Are Made

My entire junior year at Penn State was spent surviving off Ramen Noodles four days a week, then Pokey Sticks Thursday - Saturday.

A Guide to How Long You Can Leave Pizza In Your Fridge Before It Goes Bad

This is a surprisingly helpful guide to knowing how long it's cool to keep stuff in your fridge.

Dude Drinks a Gallon of Honey While His Entire Face is Covered in Bees

Terrible ideas make for great Internet.

Doritos New Flavor is Called ‘Roulette’ Because Eating Them Is a Game of Russian Roulette. No, Really.

Always be innovating?

Doritos Loaded Is the By Product of a Cheese Stick Having Sex With Doritos, And It’s AVAILABLE TODAY at 7-Eleven

Need these in my life, down my throat.

Why You Should ALWAYS Tip Your Food Delivery Man

I know you're out there.

Baby Eating a Lemon Is Your Sunday Night D’awww

Everyone needs a smile.

Video: This Dog Eats Corn on the Cob Like People

Internet video perfection.

The Night I Made and Ate a Bacon Cheeseburger with Rice Krispy Treat Buns and Didn’t Die

The summer before I turned 18, I worked in a swimming pool concession stand.

Everything You Need to Know About Making the Best Burger Ever

Literally, everything.

Best Girlfriend Ever Makes Her Boyfriend a Pizza Cake

They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Specifically, with pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

What the Hell Do You Do with Your Leftovers? Here Are a Few Ideas…

What do I do, Macgyver?

Wait a Minute. Peanut Butter Cup Oreos Exist?


Video About Steak Teaches You Everything You Want to Know About Delicious Steak


Red Robin Employee May Have Exposed Thousands to Hepatitis

Gross. And dangerous.

This Dad Makes the Coolest Pancakes Ever

I think the most creative thing I've ever done while making pancakes was making it in the shape of a penis.

Ultimate Hot Sauce Taste Test

What's your favorite hot sauce?

Let the Great Sriracha Courtship of 2014 Begin!

Towns all over the country would like the brand to relocate.

This Alligator Wrapped In Bacon And Stuffed With A Chicken Is Something People Eat in Australia

Would you look at that thing. It's a bacon-wrapped alligator stuffed with a chicken...FROM HELL.

Video Shows the Most Popular Drunk Foods Around the World

Nothing beats binge-eating when hammered.

10 Foods That Are Trying To Kill You

Did you know cherry pits contain cyanide? Yeah, scary...

Farting is Good For You

Stop trying to hide them. It's just nature at work.

11 Foods and Drinks Banned in the United States

There's some interesting stuff out there that you're not allowed to eat...

Bad News, Chipotle Is Raising Prices

That burrito is gonna hit your wallet a little harder.

KFC Is Bringing the Double-Down BACK, Because Publicity

The world goes round and round and round.

Domino’s Now Has a Pizza That Uses Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

Yes, you read that right.

Ice Cream with Viagra Is a Thing That Exists

"Hang... hang on, honey! Just NEED TO FINISH THIS ICE CREAM RIGHT NOW."

I Didn’t Plan On It, But I Ate a Sandwich on the Toilet

My life lacks anything resembling ambition, yet, it doesn’t matter how engrossed I am in a Maury rerun or how diligently I’m not applying for

Does This Danish Pastry Look Like Rory McIlroy?


Ha! New Study Finds Being a Vegetarian Isn’t Good For You

I knew it.

Hot Chick Eats Ghost Pepper, Deals With Very Real Consequences

Hot things.