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Man Vs. Food: Guy Creates Epic 4lbs McDonald’s Monster Burger That Costs $24


You may not have this at your local Mickey D's, but you should.


I Bet You’ve Eaten At None Of The 44 Best Restaurants In America

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Just like everything else in the world, restaurants thrive on rankings.

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Starting Today, 4/20, McDonald’s Serves Breakfast All Day! (But Only In This One Market)


A few weeks ago, we informed you that McDonald's was planning to test an all-day breakfast menu in an undisclosed domestic market within a month or two.

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Stoners Rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s Is Offering Ice Cream Burritos On 4/20!


On Wednesday, we discovered that Ben & Jerry's was making Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

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Pizza Tacos Exist And I Can’t Stop Thinking About Making Them


If you're every bored and have a serious case of the munchies, here's a pizza taco recipe to try.

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