Some Genius Made A Cheeseburger Using French Fries As The Buns And I WANT TO SHOVE IT IN MY FACE HOLE


Thinking about how good this probably tastes has me salivating something fierce.


Starbucks Has ‘Pepperoni Pizza Croissants’ For All The Boyfriends Of Basic White Girls Who Drag Them To Get Coffee


Do you hate when your girlfriend drags you into Starbucks so she can get a mocha-flocha-whatever, whereas you don’t even drink coffee and think everything in there is overpriced to begin with.

olive garden

Olive Garden Announces Breadsticks Sandwiches And I Just Realized I’ll Never See My Abs Again


The Olive Garden has just announced they'll be using their famous breadsticks in a whole new line of sandwiches, including a chicken parm breadsticks sandwich, and just like that I've come to grips with the fact that I'll never see my abs again.


Watch This 120-Pound Woman Eat A 55 Ounce Burger In 2-Minutes, Putting Furious Pete To Shame


From time to time we like checking in on our friend Andy Moore, of BroBible fame.

food porn

Man Vs. Food: Guy Creates Epic 4lbs McDonald’s Monster Burger That Costs $24


You may not have this at your local Mickey D's, but you should.

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