Is The Food At Hooters Actually Good? — A BroBible Discussion

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This afternoon the BroBible team learned that the causal dining institution known as Hooters will be opening a new location in New York City, where we call home.


10 Mind Tricks To Fool Your Fat Ass Into Eating Less Food


I can't remember the last time I ate because I was hungry.

taco bell

Too Stoned To Talk? You Can Now Order Taco Bell Via An App


Problem: You've been doing bong rips all night while playing Call of Duty with your Bros.


This Bro Is Having The Worst Train Ride Of His Life At This Very Moment


A friend of mine is on an Amtrack train bound for Washington, DC right now.


I Have Constructed The Perfect Fast Food Meal Using Every Major Chain And Only $6

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At lunch this week, I managed to spend over $12 buying fast food just off the restaurant dollar menu.

guy fieri

Feel Bad About Skipping The Gym Today? Watch Guy Fieri Eat Food In Slow-Mo To ‘Killing Me Softly’ And Feel Better


About 20 minutes ago I tweeted the following: That thing where you ate so much you want to die but then you're like ".


No, Cool Ranch Doritos Are Vastly SUPERIOR To Nacho Cheese Doritos

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Earlier today my co-worker, David Covucci, made an absolute fool of himself by posting a strongly worded piece on the superiority of Nacho Cheese Doritos over Cool Ranch Doritos.

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How To Eat Chicken Without Wanting To Kill Yourself


YouTube Have you ever tried to eat clean.

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