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Video: Bro Eats Four Chipotle Burritos in Three Minutes, Is Probably Still Shitting His Brains Out

Meet your new favorite food challenge hero, Bros. I can barely eat one Chipotle Burrito, let alone four in three […]

Shoenice Slams Entire Bottle of Absinthe in 20 Seconds, Plus the Aftermath Video

On your mark. Get set. Shoenice! 

Shoenice Engulfs Entire Bottle of Crown Royal in 26 Seconds

We haven't posted anything from our old buddy Shoenice in a while but when I noticed he performed a chugging of Crown Royal I decided

Start Your Morning By Watching Shoenice Drink 2-Cycle Engine Oil

"Hey everyone. Shoenice again. Well, bascially..."

Shoenice Consumes Devil Springs 160 Proof Bottle of Vodka in 1 Minute

I know, I know, I need to stop posting so much Shoenice. But here's the thing: I can't. I just f*cking can't do it. That

Soldier In Afghanistan Chugging V8 Makes Us Ask: What’s the Stupidest Food Challenge You’ve Done?

Pardon me while I go out on a limb and say being in Afghanistan, under any circ*mstance, sucks clown-shoe sized cock. I don't care if