Are You Flying Home For The Holidays? This Story About A Plane Falling Apart In Mid-Air Will Make You Shit Bricks


Flying is already a horrifying experience for those of us who imagine the plane we're on exploding into a giant ball of fire while attempting to take off, but all those fears are usually put to rest once in the air.


This Guy Is Offering A FREE Trip Around The World…But Only If You Have The Same Name As His Ex-Girlfriend


Have you ever wanted to travel around the world with some random stranger whose ex-girlfriend just happens to have the same name as you.

fighter jets

Save This Incredible Fighter Jet Footage For Later So You Can Watch It When You’re Stoned


Hell, even watching it sober it's still blowing me away, so maybe just watch it whenever you want.


Fun Fact: The Pilots For Air Canada Are Masturbating To Violent Murder Porn While Flying Planes


When I think of “Jobs that I wouldn’t care if someone decided to masturbate while doing,” the following occupations come to mind: 1.


You Have To Admire This Lady Who Tried To Get 2 Guns, 350 Rounds Of Ammo, 33 Pounds Of Marijuana Past The TSA At JFK


TSA If you've flown out of JFK airport recently, you might have noticed that the TSA isn't giving the same amount of fucks that they used to.

Terrifying things

Oh, Hell No! Airplane’s Wing Snaps Off Mid-Flight (Pic)


the words 'wing' and 'dangling' do not go together.


Flight passengers abandon plane when blind man is kicked off due to guide dog


Albert Rizzi thought he would be taking a very short flight from Philadelphia to Long Island on US Airways.

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