Geno Smith’s New Biggest Fan Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. — And You Can Probably Guess Why


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports So far, two games from Week 6 in the NFL finished with a last-second pick-6s helping the favorites in both of those games to cover the spread.

money mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Won Over $880K Betting NFL The Past Two Weeks Including $200K Last Night


Remember a couple weeks ago when we saw Floyd Mayweather in bed with stacks and stacks of cash.

floyd mayweather

Here Is Floyd Mayweather Being A Massive Dick To A Women In A Barber Shop Who’s Never Heard Of Him


YouTube In this woman's defense, I'm 98% sure my mom doesn't know who Floyd Mayweather is either.

ray rice

Convicted Woman-Beater Floyd Mayweather Jr. Said Something Really Stupid And Defended Ray Rice


Flord Mayweather, boxer and a man who spent two months in prison after being convicted of domestic violence, opened his mouth about Ray Rice yesterday at a press conference.

Floyd Mayweather Reading Rainbow petition

Now there’s a petition on asking Floyd Mayweather to watch ‘Reading Rainbow’


The massively entertaining 50 Cent - Floyd Mayweather social media spat just took a hilarious new turn as now fans have taken to Change.

Floyd Mayweather photoshops

50 Cent spent the weekend just DESTROYING Floyd Mayweather on Instagram


As you surely know, last week 50 Cent questioned Floyd Mayweather's literacy.

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