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You’re Doing Something Wrong If This Video From FSU Doesn’t Get You Pumped For Classes To Start

One more week.

FSU Girl Drops an Insane ‘Go ‘Noles’ Video With a Deeper Meaning Beyond Football

Our favorite Florida State rapper/artist Lena NW is back with a new rap video just in time for college football season.

Footage of Jameis Winston Stealing Crab Legs is a Non-Stop Thrill Ride

Here it is.

Florida State Art Student Makes a Painting of a Frat Bro Giving Jameis Winston a Blowie

Lena NW, a digital media art major at Florida State, has created an interesting commentary about the school's crab-loving, National Championship-winning quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Jameis Winston Delivers the Amazing Quote This Crab-Leg-Stealing Scandal Deserves

Supermarket trip gone bad.

University of Florida Girl Has a “Royals” Parody, And You’re Probably Going to Want to Sit Down for This

Oh. Wow.

Jameis Winston Gave an Epic Pump-Up Huddle Speech at the Florida State Spring Game

"This what we do for shizzy, for izzy, whatever it is!"

Jameis Winston Was Right in the Middle of Yesterday’s Florida-Florida State Baseball Brawl

Fight! Fight!

FSU Bros Head to the National Championship Game, Capture Their Experience on a GoPro

Two FSU BroBible readers documented their experience in Lalaland for the National Championship Game. They whipped their footage into this snazzy little video. Nicely done,

Celebrate Florida State’s 34-31 Loss to Auburn in the BCS Title Game With This Shirt

Well, this is a fail. 

Here’s a Pic of Florida State’s Red Lightning Pimping It with the Ladies

I tweeted this out last night, but feel like it calls for a post here on BroBible. Best pic of Red Lightning ever, via @_WSBG. 2014

Let’s Relive the Wild Final Minutes of Florida State’s Win Over Auburn

The BCS went out in style last night as Florida State and Auburn played a thrilling back-and-forth national title game. The Seminoles prevailed thanks to

Here’s Our Official BCS Championship Drinking Game

Auburn and Florida State play for the national title tonight. We will drink. Oh yes, we will drink. 

Attention Auburn: Florida State Fans Are Defacing Your Student Center

Are you guys going to let this offense go on unchecked? Isn't it your SEC-bound duty to add a "Fuck" above it or something even

Jameis Winston Visited David Letterman, Delivered the Top Ten List

Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston stopped by David Letterman's Late Show last night to deliver the Top Ten list. And he wasn't totally awkward. 

Only Florida State’s Red Lightning Strikes in the Same Place Twice

We've previously claimed that Florida State's ball boy "Red Lightning" is the greatest sideline distraction/talisman in college football since Katherine Webb. If Jameis Winston is

This GIF is Why Florida State’s ‘Red Lightning’ Is THE MAN

Florida State ball boy "Red Lightning" is the greatest talisman/sideline distraction in college football since Katherine Webb. During FSU's slaughtering of Duke in the ACC, Red Lightning was everywhere,

Florida State’s Redheaded Ball Boy, ‘Red Lightning,’ Has an Epic Highlight Reel

Seminole Nation is probably familiar with a guy on the Florida State sidelines who's earned the nickname "Red Lightning." The rest of us, not so much.

Epic Video of Hot College Girls Getting Shmacked at Florida State on Halloween

Finally... A new I'm Shmacked video! It doesn't disappoint, either, considering that there's HOT. GIRLS. EVERYWHERE. I've died and gone to ratchet hot girl heaven and it's

FSU Players Played Hangman on the Sideline While Blowing Out Syracuse

How bored was Florida State while blowing out Syracuse 59-3? So bored that a bunch of FSU players started a game of hangman on the

Bro Asks Girls at Florida State Whether They Prefer Nice Guys or Assholes

Sorry, nice guys of the world, the consensus amongst most of Florida State's very attractive female population is heavily pro-Asshole. So if you want to

Florida State’s Nick O’Leary Ran Over a Clemson Defender in a Highlight for the Ages

You might remember Nick O’Leary as the guy who survived this brutal motorcycle accident. But Jack Nicklaus’ grandson is more than just the guy who

Allow the Taiwanese Animators to Break Down the Florida State-Clemson Game

In what world was the creation of this video necessary? 

How We Party: Florida State University

Welcome back to "How We Party," the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, we do the Seminole chop, and wonder

SEC-ACC Title Ring Mistake Proves No One Knows Anything About College Football Conferences

If you’re like the rest of us, you have no idea which college football team is in which conference. Seriously, it’s a real problem.

Rabid Florida State Fan Has Tremendous Face-Painting Fail

Aww, bless her little simpleton heart. All she wanted to do was support the Seminoles without looking like a complete idiot. All she did was

I’m Shmacked x Florida State University

Fresh off a profile in the New York Times, the guys from I'm Shmacked headed down to Tallahassee experience GameDay weekend as the 'Noles took on

Savannah State is Getting 70.5 Points Against Florida State

Everyone stop what you're doing. Call your bookie or reactivate that Bovada account. We have found the bet of the year.

Bernard James’ ‘U-S-A’ Moment Was the Best Part of the NBA Draft

Bernard James was the feel-good story of last night’s NBA Draft.

Florida State Barely Survives St. Bonaventure’s Upset Bid

Yet another upset bid was derailed by poor execution in the game’s final moments when St. Bonaventure failed to get a potential game-tying

Florida State is Addicted to Buzzer-Beaters

Florida State is not the best college basketball team, but you won’t find another that’s as clutch. Ian Miller’s three-pointer with .8 seconds

I’m Shmacked — Florida State University

Next up from the guys at "I'm Schmacked": A trip to Tallahassee to check out hard the 'Noles go at FSU. Wait, is

Awesome Courtside Video of Michael Snaer’s Buzzer Beater for FSU from the Cheerleader Section

This will give you chills. In the last minute of tonight's game against  Virginia Tech, Florida State came back from a 9-point deficit.