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The 10 Best Flops of the 2014 World Cup

Almost too many to rank, really.

If You Think Flopping In Soccer Is Ridiculous, Wait Until You Watch This Video Of What It’d Look Like In Real Life

Lookin' stupid in public > lookin' stupid in soccer.

The Worst Flop In Basketball History Was Committed By a Little Kid

"This kid has a future in this game" - LeBron James.

Here’s a Great Compilation Dedicated to ‘King of the Flop,’ LeBron James

Some of the King's finest moments on the throne of floppage. Royally funny. 

The 20 Worst Flop Attempts In Sports

They get knocked down, but they get up again. Never going to keep them down...

Women Soccer Players Are Half as Likely to Fake an Injury As Men, Says Science

The medical journal Research in Sports Medicine recently published a study that finds women soccer players are half as likely to fake an injury than