If You Flirt Like The People In This Video There Is A Better Than Even Chance That You’re Going To Die Alone


I don’t know any of these people personally, but I can honestly say that I hate each and every one of them with every single fiber of my soul.

pick up lines

If guys were honest when hitting on women, it would look a little something like this


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is completely honest when they're first hitting on/flirting with someone.

women and flirting

7 silly flirting mistakes women make all the time


Sometimes, like guys, women are bad flirts too.

is she flirting

The 5 ways girls are flirting with you that 99% of guys never pick up on


Flirting sucks and mostly it’s because guys pick up on the wrong signals.


You Can Now Get Laid on Instagram; Photo-Sharing Service Adds Direct Messages


That is a photo of my dog, Mandy, which I uploaded to the social media site Instagram on Sunday.


Listen to this Poor Kid Try and Flirt with Virtual Strippers in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


Apparently in Grand Theft Auto V, you can communicate verbally with the strippers you are trying to solicit for virtual lap dances.

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