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This Study Says You’re Better Off Abruptly Humping People To Show You’re Interested Rather Than Flirting With Them

There's something to be said for getting straight to the point.

5 Ways Girls Flirt That Confuse Guys

Girls... Please stop texting us that you're bored when you have ZERO intentions at all of hanging out. That's bar none the most annoying,

What If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls?

What is down was up and up was down?

You Can Now Get Laid on Instagram; Photo-Sharing Service Adds Direct Messages

That is a photo of my dog, Mandy, which I uploaded to the social media site Instagram on Sunday. 

Listen to this Poor Kid Try and Flirt with Virtual Strippers in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Apparently in Grand Theft Auto V, you can communicate verbally with the strippers you are trying to solicit for virtual lap dances.  

10 Signs You’re Totally Crushing

We've all been there.

5 Reasons Why Your Game is Failing

Yeah, you might have a few problems.

‘Boyfriend Snuff Box’ Is Beyond Great Entertainment

What every guy immediately thinks once that dreaded word is uttered. Make it till 30 seconds in, and you will not be disappointed. The pattern

6 Keys to Locking Down a Girl in the Spring Break Club Scene

I was looking over some of my past articles and noticed that I haven’t done a "Club Game" article in quite a while. I'm guessing

The 5 Conversations You Will Definitely Have With Girls During Spring Break

And on the 8th day, God invented Spring Break to test your body’s alcohol consumption limits and to see how many girls you can convince

For Bros, the Tinder Wave Is Just Asking to Be Ridden

Everybody’s talking about Tinder nowadays. It's one of those apps which, even if you haven't fullly embraced (I see you Android users), you still probably

7 Things A Cougar Will Tell You, and How to Best Respond

You look across the bar and there she is-- the always-alluring coug, eye-fucking the shit out of you. You turn back the other way and

‘Your Face I Like That Sh*t’ Is a Hilarious Ode to a Really Terrible Flirter

The "parody song about being unlucky in love" genre is a genre that we see a lot of around here. We get it. There's much

The 10 Girls You’ll Meet At Every Post-College Bar

Post-College Bar (n): A late-night establishment located in a major city, where 21-24 year olds congregate and do the exact same thing they did two

Get Ya Lunch Bags Ready: 10 Ways To Dominate Your Summer Internship

It’s summer internship time, so get ya lunch bags ready. And heed the following advice if you want to dominate your internship like Nicolas Cage