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College Graduate Attempts Backflip After Receiving Diploma, Eats Shit

And he's NEVER getting a job now.

DII Running Back Does a Front-Flip Over a Defender, Lands It, Keeps Trucking

Martee Tenner is a running back at Lincoln University (Missouri). During a game against Southwest Baptist on Saturday, he pulled this downright incredible front-flip over a

Here’s an Insane High School Football Touchdown

The best touchdown of the weekend may have come courtesy of a high school kid. Before you get all dubious, take a look for yourself.

Insane High School Football Hit Featured a Full Flip

This massive hit, obscured slightly by the gaudiest watermark in internet history, took place in Georgia. The crowd was rightly thrilled. The player that got

Washington State Cheerleader Makes 3/4-Court Shot While Doing Flip

I feel bad for this male cheerleader. Wow, weird sentence.

Amazing Robot Gymnast Lands Quadruple Backflip

This video raises an important question. Would you watch a robot-only Olympics or would you WATCH EVERY SECOND of a robot-only Olympics? Might be a

Crazy Gymnast Man Does More Flips Than We’ve Ever Seen

Was this filmed on the moon? The flip at the end has maybe 1500 f*cking rotations.

Watch Paralyzed Skier Josh Dueck Perform the World’s First Backflip On a Sit Ski

This is one of those videos that will just make you smile all night long. Such a postive, heartwarming story.

Heath Frisby Lands Snowmobiling’s First-Ever Frontflip

Heath Frisby became the first to person to ever land a snowmobile frontflip in competition during yesterday's X Games. It was just ...

If You’re Into Dubstep and Watching People Do Flips, Watch the Damien Walters 2011 Showreel

"Parkour" isn't really my cup of tea. I just don't really get the appeal of watching someone do aerobatics off park benches or