Flip Cup

Playing Flip Cup with a Slip ‘N Slide Is a GAMECHANGER


OK, I know what I'm doing this weekend: Finding a hill, throwing a table at the bottom of it, and playing slip 'n slide flip cup.

why drinking games are good for you

5 reasons drinking games are good for you, seriously


Drinking games like beer pong or flip cup are the best, and in order to prove that this isn't just an arbitrary claim, here are five ironclad reasons why throwing things into booze legitimately makes you a better person.

World Series Of Flip Cup

The 8 secrets to beating everyone in Flip Cup


There are two ways to become a superior flip cup player: flip huge cups made from lead for 14 hours a day, or read these tips from an expert flip cup player, a guy who has won the 2013 World Series of Flip Cup seven times.

Kate Upton

Could You Beat Kate Upton in Flip Cup? Let Us Know


Kate Upton and her very noticeable personality swung by Jimmy Fallon’s show last night.

volume chug

Drinking Game: How to Have Your Own Beer Olympics


Since it's July, we, as Bros, have quite a few things to look forward to.


6 of the best drinking games around (and why)


Drinking games aren't meant to be games as much as they are ways to get you even more obliterated than you already are.

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