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These Dudes Outsmarted An Asshole Airline That Wanted to Charge Them $130 for Their ‘Overweight’ Carry-Ons

That captain's hat is MINT.

The TSA Has An Instagram, And It’s Full Of All The Ridiculously Stoopid Weapons People Try To Bring On Planes

Seriously people, grenades?

This Flight Attendant Prank Is Probably a Good (But Hilarious) Way to Get Kicked off a Plane

Awesomely though, the flight staff took the prank quite well. As someone who has traveled plane before, cannot confidently say that reaction would be the

6 Things That Will Occur On Your Flights To and From Spring Break

It’s weird to say, but your flights are the most important part of any vacation. Maybe not the most memorable, but they do get the

This Picture of Drunk Dude Taped to His Seat on a Flight from Iceland to New York Is Priceless

Getting hammered on a flight is fun. But this? Woah, Bro...