Guy Busted On Camera Trying Out A Fleshlight In The Store… Was That Wrong?


You know how sometimes you're doing a little shopping and think to yourself, "Man, I'm not totally sure I want to buy this.

sex toys

This Hot Model’s Vagina Was Used To Make Fleshlights, She Visited The Factory To Ensure They Did Her Justice


Meet Eufrat (YOU FRAT, BRO, YOU SO FRAT), she's a model from the Czech Republic and her "wageena," or vagina as people who are not her call it, was used to make Fleshlights.


Fleshlight iPad attachment proves men will pay to simulate sex instead of just paying for sex


If you're a fan of sex with technology you're probably a sad individual.


Company raises $280K to create handheld, electronic fellatio machine


Finally, a handheld fellatio machine for the guys who think the Fleshlight is just "too much work.

The Guardian

Newspaper accidentally tweets photo of relief worker’s sex toy


If you were a humanitarian worker headed to Afghanistan, what items would you take with you.

The Pornography Industry

Adult film star says she ‘ruined porn’ for her dad


A lot of dads might be angry if their daughter went into porn -- and so is the father of top adult actress Stoya.

special mushroom

China News, That Would Be a Fleshlight, Not a Special Mushroom


Xi'an Up Close, a Chinese investigative news program, has aired, quite possibly, one of the funniest mix-ups in journalism history.

Viral videos

Like Greased Fleshlightning: A Conversation with Jenna Haze, Part II


Yesterday we published the first part of our conversation with adult entertainmentstar extraordinaire Jenna Haze.

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