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A Delta Gamma Sorority Sister At FSU Scored One Of The Most Impressive Flag Football Touchdowns You’ll Ever See

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Naysayers are going to try to bring in the "these are GIRLS PLAYING FOOTBALL" argument to discredit this spectacular play, but fuck that noise.

flag football

Bro Posts Hilarious Ad on Craigslist Trying to Find Players for His Co-Ed Flag Football Team


This post on Craigslist, from a guy trying to field a co-ed flag football team, is the best thing you will read all day.

fraternity bro

Bro Makes Al Pacino Look Like Norv Turner in Epic Flag Football Speech


For the longest time, Al Pacino's halftime speech in Any Given Sunday was the gold standard of motivational speeches.

the sub

Terrell Owens schools regular Joes in flag football


Terrell Owens doesn't have much to do these days, so he's playing flag football with random people in a new series from Miller 64 called "The Sub.

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Magnate of Success Tiki Barber Is Pimping Himself Out for Your Flag Football Team


It's not easy being the all-time leading rusher in Giants history.

Plaxico Burress

LeBron James Also Mocked Plaxico’s Gunshot Injury After He Scored a Touchdown in Flag Football


Either something isn't firing at all cylinders in this man's brain or he is finally embracing his role as a heel.


Team Durant vs. Team LeBron: Our Fantasy Lineups for the 2011 NBA Lockout Flag Football Game


Kevin Durant’s flag football performance earlier this week in an Oklahoma State frat league game caught everyone's attention, including that of LeBron James, who challenged KD on Twitter to get together for a flag football game in Akron, Ohio.


Kevin Durant Uses Twitter to Find Flag Football Game


Today in NBA players being bored during the lockout we go to Oklahoma City where all-world baller Kevin Durant was feeling a bit stagnant so he went on Twitter to find a pick-up flag football game.

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