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IIFYM: The Diet That Says You Can Basically Eat Anything You Want to Get Ripped

If It Fits Your Macros. Get learn't

I Tried Pure Barre and Holy Hell Is Being a Woman Hard

Whoa baby, is it difficult.

5 Ways to Get Thinner Without Really Trying

It’s Sunday, and a fresh self-loathing skillet is being served at the “I’ve Let Myself Go Café,” conveniently located on the corner of Hungover and

Bodyweight Fat-Burning Workouts That Don’t Require a Gym Membership

It’s April, which means warm weather is right around the corner, depending on where you live.

Should a Bro Go to Yoga Classes to Pick Up Chicks?

Submit your Ask a Babe questions below.

10 Machines You Didn’t Know Were Perfect for Bicep Workouts

If there is one thing self-proclaimed bro science expert Dom Mazzetti knows, it's that training biceps isn't everything, it's the only thing.

The 5 Most Over-Rated Exercises

Okay bros, time to get a little controversial with you all, and share what I feel are the five most over-rated exercises I see every

How to Get Hyped for a Lift, with Dom Mazzetti

You can follow Dom Mazzetti's advice on how to get hyped for a lift or you can just throw on the Rocky 4 training montage,

What Protein Supplements Offer the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Protein supplements are for goal-oriented people, right?

5 Five-Minute Protein-Packed Recipes that Don’t Require a Kitchen

We all want more protein in our diets. Nay, we all need more protein in our diets.

How to Get Lean Eating Food from a College Dining Hall

Okay bros, it’s time to tackle one of the most controversial topics in all of fitness: nutrition.

Myths About Fitness You Probably Believe

The folks over at Buzzfeed are kicking you in the ass this Monday morning by debunking some of the fitness myths you probably (foolishly) believe.

Do You Even Lift, Bro? 10 Common Gym Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Okay bros, time to drop some more gym wisdom on you all.

Why the Paleo Diet Will Make You Healthier, Stronger, and Better

Why do I (mostly) still follow the Paleo Diet today? Because I feel better when I do.

How to Bench Press 225-Pounds and Beyond

I was born a weakling. Seriously.

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Into Crossfit

I won’t say Crossfit is for everyone. But if you’re a BroBible reader I will venture that it’s probably for you, so pay attention.

EDM ‘Jumping’ Classes Are the New Batshit Crazy Thing Girls Are Doing for Fitness

This terrifies me.

Popular Fitness Scam on Facebook and How to Recognize It

Don't be a victim.

10 Ways to Boost Your Bench, Squat and Deadlift Overnight

Everyone wants to improve their performance on the ‘Big 3’ – the bench, squat and deadlift – but it takes [...]

If You Must Do Cardio, What Are the Best Exercises? Dom Mazzetti Has That Answer

Dom’s back with his latest edition of Ask the Brofessor talking cardio, benching on leg day, and people who look [...]

6 Health Reasons You Should Skip Breakfast

If you’re committed to health and fitness, you probably take breakfast pretty seriously. You wake up early each day, shuffle [...]

5 Fitness Conspiracies and What Fitness Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

The fitness industry is worth millions of dollars – and fitness professionals are excellent at cashing in on it. Personal [...]

High School Football Player Bench Presses 515-Pounds Three Times, Emasculates Us All In the Process

The comments on YouTube are ablaze, accusing 6' 6", 285lb, Olathe South football player Braden Smith of taking steroids. One guy, named Marty Forkwarter even

The World’s Greatest Gym is a Soviet Union Relic in Ukraine

Look at you: You going to your Planet Fitness? Gonna casually warm up on the treadmill? Maybe watch some ESPN? Then you gonna hit the Smith machine? Do

This Is My Gym Playlist, DEAL WITH IT

I don’t use my iTunes at the gym.

Bored? Watch the Ultimate Collection of Gym Fails

The squat rack, she is a cruel, cruel mistress.

The 7 Jerks You Meet in the Gym

Featuring the grunter, who attacks the bench press with sounds like a man giving birth to a fully grown tennis player.

‘Do You Even Lift?’ (w/Dom Mazzetti) Asks If What You Do At the Gym Even Counts As Lifting

As it turns out, I'm definitely not lifting. I mean, I am lifting, but not according to Dom Mazzetti, the Internet's foremost authority on fitness 

Not Sure What to Be For Halloween? Dom Mazzetti Can Help

After watching this video I have one regret: never dressing up as Lt. Dan for Halloween. I need to right this wrong immediately.

How to Use the Smith Machine With Dom Mazzetti

I just got back from vacation only to realize no one posted the latest Dom Mazzetti video while I was gone. Grave oversight, team. Thankfully,

Not-So-Low Fat: Foods That Are Deceptively Unhealthy

Are you an idiot like me and order the burrito bowl at Chipotle thinking it's actually healthier than a burrito? Yeah, admit it... You are.

How To Make The Ultimate Gym Playlist

Holy shit. This. Is. Accurate. 


The ONLY Secret to Getting Ripped Abs

I’ve been asked a bunch of times what the secret to abs is, and, honestly, it’s probably not the answer that you were hoping for.

11 Things That Only Crossfitters Understand

Crossfitters get it: It feels good to feel like a badass... 

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The Bro’s Guide to Kegel Exercises; Or, Exercises for Your Junk

This past week, I’ve been semi-committed to doing kegel exercises. Now I understand you probably don’t care, but to accurately write about the exercise, I

7 Ways to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

This post is a joke, guys. Don't get bent out of shape about it because it's not meant to be taken seriously.

Personal Trainer Perfectly Mocks ‘Before and After’ Selfies with Epic Instagram Takedown

Mel of MelVFitness claims to be all about "droppin' truth bombs" about the fitness industry. In order to prove a point about optical

7 Ways to Stay CUT While Boozing This Fall

Inevitably one of the first questions my clients, male or female, ask me when on a fat loss diet is, “Can I still drink?”

The 10 Commandments of Every Gym Douchebag

More important than the state of a gym’s equipment, its reputation or even its cleanliness, is the gym’s clientele. Over the years, I’ve grown to

Phone Etiquette In The Gym with Dom Mazzetti

"Aside from porn, music is the best use of your phone in the gym" -Dom Mazzetti.