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Psst. Hey. You, Over Here. You Wanna See This Fish Eat This Shark?

You wanna?

Brazilians Are Fucking Insane and This Video of Them Catching Piranhas Proves It


LeBron James Jr. Caught a Fish, His Family Went Insane

All the excitement.

Two Bros In Florida Caught a Freakin’ Sawfish While Fishing

They're gonna need a bigger boat.

Cod Caught by Norwegian Fisherman Had a Dildo Inside Its Stomach

Norwegian fisherman, Bjørn Frilund, reeled in the catch of a lifetime...depending on who you are.

HOLY FUCKING SEA MONSTER! Fisherman Caught 800-Pound Stingray Right Off Miami Beach

While fishing 500 feet below the surface off the coast of Miami Beach, Florida fisherman Mark Quartiano reeled in an 800-pound fish which is believed to be a Dactylobatus

Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish from Fisherman in Incredibly Quick Attack


The Bare Knuckle Babes Catch Fish With Their Hands, May Arouse You

We’re having a hard time deciding if this is really hot or really trashy. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Watch a 350-Pound Blue Marlin Jump Into a Fishing Boat

Alternate title: The Dramatic Revenge of Billy the Marlin.

Watch a Bunch of Massachusetts Fishermen Reel in a 920 POUND TUNA

If you're a fishing Bro or not, this is quite an impressive catch. Fast forward till about 1 30 to see this size of this

Fisherman Climbs Inside Shark, Comes Away with Craziest Photo You’ll See All Year

At an unknown date, a fisherman gutted a shark, climbed inside its stomach, and asked to be photographed while stabbing the catch in the eye.

Like a Boss, Bro Old Dude Catches a Trout for Dinner with His Bare Hands

I love this video because I 100% hope that this is me when I'm, like, 65. Just walking around my lawn in my underwear, jumping

Watch a 6-Year Old Catch a 100-Pound Fish

Real? Fake? We're honestly not sure. Quite a feat in either CGI or fishing, regardless.

Awesome Pics of Athletes and Monster Fish

Pro athletes like fishing just as much as the next guy... 

Chompy the Shark Scares the Sh*t Out of Fisherman in Kayak

Sharks are awesome. Sharks are terrifying. This is a paradox. 

Giant Fish Tries to Eat Man’s Arm, Almost Succeeds

In a perfect world, the fish would have grabbed the woman off-camera who is shrieking like it’s her goddamn job.

Life’s Highs, Lows Perfectly Illustrated By Video of Bros Deep-Sea Fishing

Some days you’re on top of the world and others the world bends you over like Tera Patrick.

Chinese Fishermen Reel in a Porsche, Swedes Riot Over Instagram, and Your Weekly WTF Roundup

The end of the world is looming ever-near. Are these whack-sauce stories any indication of the impending apocalypse? 

Bro Catches a Swordfish While Fishing, Then Eats Its Still Beating Heart Because That’s Not Weird

Depending on your love for "Fear Factor" or what your appetite is for watching a human eat an animal's still-beating heart, this is either the

‘Awesome Fishing Moment’ Between Father and Small Son Explains How to Catch a Fish in Record Time

By it being there already, of course. 

The Internet’s Best Live Webcam Features Bears Catching Salmon

Take whatever plans you had for today and scrap them. You’re now going to watch bears catching salmon until your eyes bleed.

Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson Goes Hillbilly Handfishin’

A bunch of hillbillies dared Playboy superstar Jaime Edmondson to go noodling. She accepted the challenge.

Here’s a Local News Story About Virginia’s ‘Master Bait Shop’

Mad respect for this man's business acumen. Michael DeClue, the owner of Virginia's Orange County Master Bait Shop, obviously mastered his Marketing 101 class. Some

Just Wait For It… (Video)

I'd say more, but I don't want to ruin the element of surprise... 

‘There’s Nothing Coddling About Crabfishing’: Tales from the Bering Sea with Capt. Keith Colburn

"I have something to say to all your frat 'Bros' who think they can come up to Alaska and fish for crab: Sit down and

Hey, Want To See A 40-Foot Whale Shark?

A 40-foot long whale shark was discovered near Larachi, Pakistan in the Arabian Sea. It took at least five cranes to reel in

Scuba Divers In Finland Go Upside-Down Ice Fishing Underwater

I'd like to see this stunt replicated with a hockey game...

49 Pics of Dennis Quaid’s Getaway Ranch In Montana, Which You Can Buy for $14,000,000

Usually when we feature property adult entertainment around here, it's a lush penthouse or dream beach house ready-built for partying. Let's change that today

This Is What a 21-Foot Monster Crocodile Looks Like

Woah. This might be one of the most badass pictures you'll see today. On Saturday, Bunawan hunters in the Philippines tracked down a massive trophy:

A Fisherman Caught and Reeled-In a Scuba Diver by His Genitalia

What an unsatisfying turn of events for this fisherman, huh? One second John Goldfinch thought he caught a mantle-worthy marlin, the next he had some

Meanwhile in Austrailia, Record-Breaking Sharks are Being Caught

At a game-fishing competition in Australia earlier this month, 27-year-old Brett Sinclair broke the world record for the biggest catch ever on a 6kg fishing

This Old Footage of FDR Catching an 80-Pound Tarpon in Texas Reminds Us How Much of a Boss He Was

Thanks to the folks at the FDR Presidential Library, this video has been on Internet for a while. However, this epic achievement of manliness hasn't

This Isn’t a Video of a Kid Getting His Hand Bit Off By a Tarpon

But it sure looks like one. Tarpon don't really have huge, scary teeth (though they do have a sandpaper-esque mouth that can cause

Watch a Tuna and White Marlin Strike a Saltwater Dredge From an Ocean City Sportsfishing Boat

This GoPro video is going to drive saltw*ter anglers wild. Our friends at Epic Blitz passed along this unbelievable underwater footage shot from a dredge

Watch a Russian Ice Fisherman Catch a Giant Fish With His Bare Hands

Nothing like sticking your arm in a frozen lake for a few minutes to noodle (successfull, natch) for a large muskie. What a country!

Watch a Huge Hammerhead Shark Eat a Blacktip Shark While Being Reeled In

If there's ever a reason to get a bigger boat, this is it. A few guys on a fishing trip hook a six foot blacktip

Hunting for Invasive Silver Carp On the Illinois River with Armor, Water Skis, and a Samurai Sword

A few months back I saw the episode of Zeb Hogan's "Monster Fish" about the invasive silver carp that are causing all sorts of damage

The 7 Acceptable Occasions for a Sausage Fest

‪ ‬Author's Note: Just wanted to make it clear that in many instances below the opportunity to insert your pen*s into a woman may present itself

JoePA Reels in a 16-Incher!

You may have noticed a conspicuous absence of the joePA bylines the past couple days. That's because the big guy has been out on Table