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Psst. Hey. You, Over Here. You Wanna See This Fish Eat This Shark?

You wanna?

‘I Know!’ Said This Dude. ‘We’ll Shoot the Fish Over the Dam With a Cannon’

A modern-day Einstein.

I Wanted to Love This Video of a Fish Smoking a Cigarette, But I Couldn’t

It's not as funny as I thought it would be.

Testicle-Eating Fish Found Off the Coast of Sarasota, Florida

My nuts hurt just from writing that headline.

Hitler Fish Is the Fish That Looks EXACTLY Like Hitler (No, Seriously. It Does. )

And he hates Gefilte Fish.

Someone Put a GoPro at the Bottom of the Ocean (It’s Freaking Cool)

The other day I declared 2014 to be "The Year of the GoPro" and said the next evolution would be sticking them on fish to

Dolphin Having Sex with Headless Fish Corpse Set to James Bond Music Is Your Video of the Day

It has been said by science that dolphins and humans are the only two mammals that have sex for pleasure.

This Sea Lion Straight Yanks a Fisherman’s Catch

This sea lion isn't gonna let a little problem like a fish not being in water stop him from eating. 

This Goblin Shark Will Swallow You Whole

Is there anything more terrifying than the ocean? 

This Picture of a Massive Oarfish In California Will Make You Never Want to Go in the Ocean Again

I love the ocean. I love swimming in the ocean. It's super relaxing to me. But still, at the same time, it always manages to

Testicle-Devouring Fish Arrives in America

America has plenty of problems: Soaring deficits, partisan bickering; an overdependence on fossil fuels. But up until today, at least I could say our country didn't have

The Internet’s Best Webcam Featuring Bears Catching Fish is Back

Take all of your plans for the day and put them in a high-powered blender. You’re watching bears catch salmon until further notice. I promise

Want to See a 600 Ib Marlin Launch Itself onto a Fishing Boat? Of Course You Do

The "Danger Zone" indeed.

College Kid Writes Craigslist Ad Asking Someone to Name Beer Pong Playing Fish

A college kid from Baton Rouge (LSU?) got sh*tfaced last week and woke up with a fish purchased from Wal-Mart. The student doesn't know what

Swallowing a Fish is All Fun and Games Until it Starts Living in Your Lung

Whoa, this is extraordinarily unsettling. A 12-year-old Indian boy went swimming and ended up with a fish living in his lung as a souvenir. GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

These Fish Do Not Like to Be Disturbed

Fishing made easy OR a scenario right out of an adventure video game from hell? I'll let you decide.