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Kids In Third World Countries Read First World Problems

This is over a year old, but I think it's perfectly apropos reminder that First World Problems like not getting an PS4 for Christmas or whatever

The Excellent ‘Male First World Problems Meme’ Is…Well, It’s You

I'm basing this off probability. Ladies, don't take offense here--this is actually just a picture book affirming everything you've ever thought about your man. We

The Trailer For Josh Radnor’s ‘Liberal Arts’ Looks Very Annoying, Plus A Rant About Liberal Arts

Josh Radnor--better known as Ted Mosby from "How I Met Your Mother"--wrote, directed, and stars in an indie movie that's apparently so indie, its title

Video: The Top 100 First World Problems

Here's a pretty good list of First World Problems, though I sorta feel like it's cheating when he simply list Justin Bieber's name

This Kid Wrote a Rap Video About His First World Problems

Alright Internet, is this really the best you can do when it comes to churning out a music video about first world problems? We get